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(Only from me - not from Einstein ! ;-) )

Why belief can satisfy someone is a mystery to me at first. More uncertainty is not possible, as the name already admits!

Anyone who believes doesn't care about facts, reality content, truth and striving for knowledge.

On closer inspection, however, one recognizes advantages for those who are easy-going, those who are ignorant of knowledge/facts and wishful thinkers:

Whoever believes only needs to approve what others have thought up and may/should not check it for truthfulness. So believing is easy and quick to do.

Are there deficits on this side in things (e.g.)

--- a lot of bad luck in life, etc.

--- death (at the moment we still have to die)

--- revenge (?)

--- justice,

- -- etc.,

satisfied or balanced in the imaginary hereafter, so much the better!

                  Believing is much more pleasant and less stressful

                   than constantly acquiring updated knowledge and

                  waging a battle of arguments with many dissidents. . .



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