Harry Schlo▀macher

NO financialsharks in retirement homes,hospitals+real estate!

When will the government finally get it? ? :

Hedge fund finance sharks (and the like) have no business in certain important areas! !

e.g. as operators of retirement homes and hospitals, where care, health + livelihood of millions of people is at stake. This should also be the focus and not be torpedoed by overly greedy, selfish pursuit of profit! It is absurd when profit maximization dominates at the expense of personnel minimization. Constantly overwhelmed staff neglects patients (especially at night) - makes more mistakes - gets sick themselves and at some point runs away. All this is also - and probably mainly - at the expense of the health + life of the patients + residents.

But the financial sharks don't care

after all, they are much more committed to their shareholders

as patients and/or residents.

And because that is the case, they have no place in hospitals and retirement homes. I will never re-educate a thoroughly wild leopard into a cuddly cat! ! Accordingly, selfish hedge fund financial sharks (And the like) never to social priorities.

Governments should recognize that only minimal progress can be achieved with such operators and give hospitals and old people's homes back into state care. It would possibly be more expensive for society, but we are in rich Germany and health and life are our greatest asset!


so that many people can hardly find affordable housing.

So get rid of these dangerous predator funds! !


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Published on e-Stories.org on 06/13/2023.


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