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Short Stories and Novels Politics & Society (english)

Title Author:
The original sins of the_"infallible, most holy"_WestHarry Schlo▀macher
#MeTooRobert Zabek
Europe2015+2023_Refugees+Asylanten:Group2_UNWORLDLY CHAOTEN Harry Schlo▀macher
Europe__Refugees + Asylees:Group 1__The__REASONABLE__ PLANNERHarry Schlo▀macher
For dinner with your executionerAlexander Piepenhagen
Forget UFOs,TVAncientAliens+TERRA ETexperiences of all kinds!Harry Schlo▀macher
Harsh Words, Fiercer Deeds - The Shadow's Kiss - D&D Tale 2Andre M. Pietroschek
I'd kill the Son of BitchJohn Robinson
If winter comes, can spring be far behind?Adrian Hickey
IncorrektHorst Lux
More correct at demos, etc.: Conservatives and not Nazis out!Harry Schlo▀macher
my mind fly to utopiaMarven Ries
NO financialsharks in retirement homes,hospitals+real estate!Harry Schlo▀macher
Potentate bashing: From bad to worseHarry Schlo▀macher
REASON also important for human rights!Harry Schlo▀macher
The Beast out of the EarthChristopher Then
The Last VoteAndrew Tan
The Schengen Agreement and CHAOS-LIESEL NerkelHarry Schlo▀macher
The strength of neglectDavid Feranmi
Wage equity for women if pension equity for men!Harry Schlo▀macher
We fight for the freedomChristian Huyeng
When Are They Coming?John Robinson