Harry Schlo▀macher

HALF YEAR ASIA ADVENTURE...and the thing called love//PART-10

"I can't sleep, I'm not bedridden anyway, so I thought..." "Where did the journey take you?" "For me to CALCUTTA/India." "Nice. Interesting. Not everyone has experienced something like that. If you don't mind that I work in between and it doesn't get too long-winded..." Talking to the great woman - that was something. And I got started... "It's best if I start with a rough sketch of the route.

Start on November 1st in Düren, then STUTTGART (here 6 days stay) - KEMATEN/Austria (5 days stay) - INNSBRUCK, Europabrücke - then Italy , MESTRE, VENICE - former Yugoslavia... Night nurse Beate again on the inspection round through three stations. She also acted as a stand-in. Had to run quite a bit up and down in the former hospital garden house, where there was no elevator. "They said it worked for me Ride to CALCUTTA... "Oh yes, my friend later drove to NEPAL and CEYLON, while different types of planes and various airlines transported me back home." I continued my description of the route: "...In the former Yugoslavia we drove through the towns of RIJEKA, CRIKVENICA (here again a stop of 5 days), SPLIT, DUBROVNIK, NICE, highway, then - Bulgaria, capital SOFIA (usual 5 days -pause), PLOVDIV..."

"And now take a break here." "May it also be 5 days with you," I joked. She smiled. "I'll make us some coffee." Sure, I thought, gladly. The description of the long journey is secondary anyway. Getting to know this fragrant night nurse better, that's what it was all about. If he didn't succeed here and now, then farewell to Sister Beate. A touch of cosiness spread while drinking coffee. At some point in that strange - but also tingling - night the you fell. Finally I made my breakthrough! The long and intensive talks were rewarded. Had really got hold of a meeting with her. I was supposed to show up in front of her apartment the next day in the afternoon. "See you tomorrow." Proud and inwardly jubilant, I left the nurses' room.

Now I really couldn't sleep. Feverishly looking forward to the next day. Self-doubt and downer also crept in. Had you perhaps only agreed to a meeting to finally have peace from me? Undoubtedly, I was not bedridden sick, should only be examined intensively here. But was I allowed to leave the hospital area without further ado? I had a fever again. But this time against the fever measurement. Where was the sister? Immediately afterwards I wanted to make the mosquito - without much back and forth, without stupid questions... Was ready to risk a lot for Beate anyway.

 (to be continued)


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