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Parents never really die! A freestyle poem attempt.

Parents never really die! A freestyle poem attempt.
© Andre Michael Pietroschek, all rights reserved

Parents never really die!
Once the hospital is calling you:
Ancestral spirits chant your name.
Parents never really die!
They remain a part of us;
Their bliss and taint in our habits and genes.

Sorrow, stress, and despair go vampire on us,
financial worries oft arise!
Still, few families just fall apart,
as we resist and somehow pay the price.
Shed tears, a sign of loyalty and greatness,
weighing heavier than any medal ever could.

When that bell tolls, just like those before us:
We shield the young ones with our lives anew.
Suffering harm to see the family go on and on.
Avenging every setback, until paradise is won!

The end


On the `Bleh!ī side: My spontaneous poems prove me a less talented poet. On the good side: My
spontaneous poetry is never about sales, hence more authentic.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andre M. Pietroschek.
Published on on 07/16/2023.


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