Qayid Aljaysh Juyub

Nightfall: V. Deadly erotic games in the forecourt of hell

Rumbling and squealing like a decrepit Russian army tank, the corpse-weighted rubbish truck arrived at the incinerator to come to a gasping halt.

As the special cargo was delivered for disposal outside normal operating hours, there was an eerie silence as the crew left the vehicle and made their way to the contact man not far away. Robert, also called the Burning Hammer, was a tall transman in tattered overalls and covered in the scars of countless dog fights.

"Don Roberto, we have another load of flesh here for disposal."

The tranny hammer's steely gaze bored into Jean's greasy soul.

"Welcome to the living inferno. You know the drill, Scarroneye. Half of what you collected goes to Don Vito, and the rest is yours and your people's. Remember that my hellfire awaits all those who think to betray the Mafia Lord of Horst South."

The admonished man's eyes twitched nervously, like a rat's at the sight of a hungry cat.

Had that crazy man-woman noticed anything? Oh, rubbish!

"I wouldn't dream of it. Right, guys?"

While Scarface grunted in agreement, One-Eye and Maria preferred to remain silent.


"I swear on the life of my unknown father! All right, let's get it over with. I'll settle up with Don Roberto, the rest of you take the rubbish to the incinerator. Scarface gets to drive, One-Eye and the Battle Lesbian unload the cargo. Is that all okay with you, Don Roberto?"

With a firm look at Maria, the hammer of combustion nodded in agreement.

"You can do your job, Don Vito expects quick results. We will now settle the score for good, Scarroneye."

The farmer-smart Jean, who however did not know how to interpret the transman's words correctly, grinned conspiratorially at his interlocutor.

"If you want to try out the little slut? 100 bucks and you can do whatever you want with the bitch!"

Inexplicably for the garbage-disposing amateur pimp, Don Roberto laughed hard.

"Don't bother, I'll leave the fun with her to you. Now get to work, because time is money and I'm still waiting for that wacky Wick with highly sensitive goods.“

Some time later, Maria and her monovisual comrade stood before the towering incinerator, its flickering flames performing a grotesque dance of death like lost souls in the inferno. There was an acrid stench in the air, the essence of damnation.

One-eyed, his lone eye fixed on the charred remains of previous deliveries, broke the silence.

"The entrance I am to the city of mourning, the entrance I am to eternal sorrow, the entrance I am to the lost people."

Smiling, Maria continued the quote from the Divine Comedy.

"Justice drove my high Creator. The omnipotence of the Godness created me!"

Well aware that the last sentence had been altered in a meaningful sense, the one-eyed man nodded appreciatively.

"Are you finally ready or do you still want to fuck here?"

Scarface's discordant voice sounded impatiently from the driver's cabin.

Maria nodded emotionlessly at the one-eyed man.

Together they unloaded the grim cargo into the gaping maw of the incinerator. The flames eagerly devoured the remains, casting a macabre glow on their tired faces. It was as if the essence of suffering and decay had found refuge in this fiery abyss.

Finally, they left nightmarish scenery and returned to the starting point where Scarroneye was waiting for them after he had finished his business with Don Roberto.

"That's done, the stupid tranny didn't get it. So come on, let's go to the dump and share the loot and other stuff!"

At the demon hour, they were some distance from the rubbish truck at the place from which Maria M. and the sham king of all sexist machos had begun their cleaning mission. In the dark of night, the four companions stood in the muted shadows, surrounded by a bizarre atmosphere of deception. The bedraggled leader, whose rodent-like greed was insatiable, planned to withhold a large share of the spoils from his unsuspecting comrades. Maria, whose eyes showed no emotion, remained silent, a silent observer of the impending betrayal.

Scarroneye's eyes sparkled with a mixture of greed and deception as he addressed the group.

"We have done well, my friends. Now let us share our hard-earned reward."

The cyclopean gaze of the one-eyed man penetrated Jean's façade.

"Remember, Scarroneye, we all have a stake in this. No tricks."

The go-getting junk king chuckled nervously, his hubris faltering slightly.

"Of course, my one-eyed friend, you can trust me. So there's 500 dollars in it for each of you this time! Well, what do you say? Aren't I a fair man!"

Scarface, face contorted with rage, roared: "You can't be serious, Scarroneye! We worked our asses off and you want to screw us? You got at least 50 times that from the old ghoul in the hospital, and I don't even want to talk about Barcose."

One-eye, fixed on the fat impostor with his fixed cyclopean gaze, bore the burden of not immediately expressing his contempt in a lethal event. But his intelligence warned him not to dispose of their cheating companion immediately - he would settle accounts with the bastard later and make it look like an accident.

A sinister grin played around Scarroneye's lips.

"Watch your tongue, Hackface. I got connections. Dutch Schulz and Ma Baker owe me a lot of favours and they'll make short work of you if I snap my fingers. So don't mess with me."

Scarface boiled with rage, but the threat paralysed him. Even the perceptive one-eye felt that it was pointless at this moment to challenge their megalomaniac boss. That about his connections was downright bullshit, believed at best by his colleague with the unique visage, but Don Vito suppressed with an iron fist any form of insubordination towards even the most insignificant sub-leaders. The caring leader, however, in order to smooth the waters of potential rebellion, decided to give his staff a non-commercial bonus.

"Hey you, bitch. You get undressed now and get in the cab or I'll make sure Jack the Knive takes care of you personally. Because I got the Ripper the steak knives for his experimental operations in London!"

To the astonishment of Scarroneye, who expected his male colleagues to intervene for support of sexual assault, Maria slowly walked towards the truck, removing her clothes. Finally, she disappeared into the darkness of the vehicle. While One-Eye was inexplicably amused by the scene, his face-destroyed colleague stood open-mouthed in surprise.

The newly enthroned macho king literally wallowed in toxic masculinity and his voice dripped with primitive desire.

"When I'm done with the cunt, my friends, she's yours. One-eye first, then my special buddy, the chop-face. Our scarface can then play his games with her in peace and finish her for all I care. Then bury her in a rubbish heap afterwards. A small token of my gratitude, you see."

Scarface's face lit up with twisted pleasure, while One-Eye looked at the magnanimous Jean with inscrutable cyclops eyes. Without hesitation and full of horniness, Scarroneye climbed into the truck where the willing intern was already waiting for him naked.

"You really are a whore, the others were at least playing hard to get. You're going to give me a nice blowjob now. So come on now, you bitch!"

The trainee deftly opened her boss's trousers, took his member and scrotum into her mouth and amputated her manager's privates with her blue, steel teeth. The thuggish lover's satisfied grunt suddenly turned into a sequence of sounds similar to that of a cruelly stabbed pig.

"Fucking Scarroneye! I wanted to finish that bitch off!"

Full of indignation, Scarface prepared to charge the rubbish truck and its contents.

"That's not Maria, you moron!"

With an iron grip, One-Eye held his colleague back.

Meanwhile, the emasculated macho king's breath was taken away as Maria M. squeezed his throat with a steely grasp.

"Before you die, Don Vito sends you his regards. He doesn't appreciate being cheated!"

Thus the weak beacon of toxic masculinity deservedly passed away quite agonisingly.

Still unclothed, the murderess opened the driver's door and threw out the lifeless body of her retired boss, then turned to the awaiting Cyclops and a completely confused Scarface.

"Let me introduce myself: I am Maria, model 'Metropolis V', Bluetooth. I am an assassin android controlled by an artificial intelligence. My owner is Don Vito Bolognese and my mission is to clean up this unit and then lead it. I unfortunately had to cancel the contract with Scarroneye and consider part of the job done. One-Eye is talented and will be my deputy. Scarface is a good killer but unfortunately impulsive. However, he denounced the swindler to Don Vito. I have planned an indefinite probationary period for him. I am now dismembering the corpse into its component parts and you bury them in different places in the dump!"

After dismembering the past macho king, the AI's humanoid subordinates hastened to carry out the order.

So ends our story, shrouded in shadows and the echoes of deception.

© 2023 Q.A.Juyub


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Qayid Aljaysh Juyub.
Published on on 07/26/2023.


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