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Welcome to the Horror Short Stories category on! Here, you will step into a world of darkness and terror, crafted by talented hobby authors.

Horror is a genre that aims to send shivers down your spine, invoking a sense of dread, fear, and unease. In this category, you will find a collection of chilling short stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat, each written by talented writers who have mastered the art of creating atmospheric tales of horror. From supernatural entities and paranormal phenomena to psychological terrors and nightmarish scenarios, these stories will take you on hair-raising journeys through the realms of the macabre, leaving you with a sense of lingering unease long after you finish reading. Horror stories tap into our greatest fears and evoke a visceral response, reminding us of our vulnerability and the unknown forces that lurk in the shadows. These tales explore the depths of human depravity, the fragility of sanity, and the ultimate battle between good and evil.

At, we celebrate the creativity and fear-inducing talents of hobby authors who excel in the realm of horror storytelling. We invite you to explore this bone-chilling collection and experience the thrill of horror firsthand. Don't hesitate to share your own spine-tingling tales with a global audience, as provides a platform to freely publish your stories.

Unleash your darkest imaginings, evoke terror in readers, and let your words send chills down their spines.

Short Stories and Novels Horror (english)

Title Author:
A Death in the Land of the Two-Minute ClockSrdjan Kuzmanovic
A shadow from beyond (Stater)Qayid Aljaysh Juyub
Akward DeathMikayla Powell
An ugly little horror story: Angels of DeathQayid Aljaysh Juyub
AngelicaSonja Reineke
BattleKaren Halloway
Behind the wallEugen Kovalev
CarouselRichard Rodriguez
Daughter of FrankensteinScott Wahrenberger
Dead Reckoning chapter 2: 130 miles outElvis Cardona
Dead Reckoning part 1 of 6 chapter 1“ Escape“Elvis Cardona
DefenderKaren Halloway
Diary of a ZNicolai Rosemann
Fear of meAisha Cook
Flor's Ignored Warnings - Cataclysmic ConsequencesRolph David
Good Morning, MommyJeff Mount
HaroldSonja Reineke
Innocent but GuiltyXuan Hy Nguyen
Joe's Bad ShortcutJeff Mount
Knox At The DoorJoshua Davidson
Kristen┤s StoryGenelle Jackson
Late Fall in Ohio - A Horror StoryJeff Mount
Nightfall in Wasteland (merged)Qayid Aljaysh Juyub
Nightwalk - A Ghoulish Tour (Supernatural Horror)Andre M. Pietroschek
Object of DesireDaniel Singh
One Night: An IntroductionChristopher Patton
ProfileJoseph Trance
Sand buries everythingMatthew Hall
Seven minutes in the closetJeff Mount
Spencer AcademyShannyn Oakley
Suicide WishesMikayla Powell
THE BACKYARD HELLJaydee John Villegas Capuras
The Car ParkJan Bee Landman
THE COFFEE MAKERRuben Mecho Sanguesa
The Crowd BelowDaniel Cunningham
The Estranged WidowRahul Prasad
The Evil BonsaiLaurent Coos
The Halfway HouseJeff Mount
The Halfway House (short version)Jeff Mount
the haunted hillTommy Sarsano
The Hollow NightmareAkka Khelelaine
The hooves of the RoseNadŔge Ango-Obiang
The MansionSarcha Seron
THE MEN IN WHITEFederico Rivolta
The new sunriseRuben Mecho Sanguesa
The Powder HoundJeff Mount
The ScarJaydee John Villegas Capuras
The shadow of the past.Gonzalo Gala Guzmßn
THE STUDENTRuben Mecho Sanguesa
The Unmentionable Horror In The Box ( Lovecraftian Horror )Andre M. Pietroschek
The Warlock's Shadow - A Flash Fiction Cthulhu Horror TaleAndre M. Pietroschek
Tiger Returns, AgainJeff Mount
True identityJoseph Trance
Untitled #1Peter Barker
VulnerabilitiesJoseph Trance
WHEN I SAW AURORAJaydee John Villegas Capuras
Why Vampires CryScott Wahrenberger
You!Jeff Mount