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(Or: How the noble values of democracy + freedom are abused today to escape.
Or: How the laboriously and tediously constructed "Schengen Agreement" is to be cleverly circumvented...)

The "naïve" + "world rescuers" quickly forget (or deliberately ignore) that it is not only altruism that affects the escalating North Africa refugee explosion. There are many other perspectives that are also important and need to be considered. For example:


threat level

"Refugees from democracy" threaten (in the sense of the word) that if you don't let us in voluntarily, millions of us will storm "Fortress Europe". Those who (rightly) do not shy away from terrorist threats become unbelievable and questionable if they allow themselves to be frightened by "democracy refugees" and give in to them. Besides, a good fortress can be a real pain in the ass...


cost level

No hasty shots, because tens of thousands of "democracy refugees" in our overwhelmed social systems are far too expensive! ! It would be a calculation with far too many unknowns and certainly a bottomless pit. Water also seeks the path of least resistance and then flows ever stronger. The easier it is to escape, the more do so. Logical. So one day half of Africa would make its way to the economically much more attractive Europe... and that would be around a billion people! Ultimately, Africa's bleeding to death would not be in their interests, and certainly not in ours. In addition, a state primarily has to do its many important internal tasks and reduce huge debts before it opens up new, incalculable cost fronts as a "world zampano". Which cost-conscious wants to allow tens of thousands (millions determined over the years) "democracy refugees" to make the big run into our social systems? ? Anyone who spontaneously gives priority to ideals these days (e.g. human rights / "freedom" / democracy / etc. ) without at the same time considering the consequential costs of his actions has - at worst "one on the waffle" - mediocre as a politician missed the profession - and at best would just be inexperienced, childish, unworldly - in short, naive. It is also the one who reasonably defends himself against an incalculable flow of economic or "democracy refugees" is not immediately and inevitably a racist! ! This is all too brash the attempted ad hoc manslaughter "argument" (probably more of a label) of the naive.


But you can very well get along well with people of foreign origin in the country and at the same time reject the aforementioned unbridled flow of refugees. These are clearly two different pairs of shoes. One does not exclude the other here!


Anyway, I'm more for a reasonable "straight ahead" - based on good, better arguments - than for (premature) turning "left" or "right" or anywhere else. So there are by no means only completely escalating refugee interests in a globally competitive world ...


Review of the "French Revolution" and Greece, the cradle of democracy

No one thought of using their hard-earned freedom to immediately flee abroad, as is common in North Africa today. Rough, even extremely harsh customs also prevailed in 1789 (and subsequent years) in what was then France ... and yet they didn't run off cowardly and have left their fighting brothers in the lurch. The fathers of "Liberté - Egalité - Fraternité" (i.e. "Liberty - Equality - Fraternity") would roll over in their graves if they knew how their noble, militant strivings of modern "democracy and economic refugees" were immediately reduced to absurdity to be led. Even the "founding fathers" of democracy in ancient Greece, so to speak, certainly had no immediate thoughts of fleeing the country with the newly developed people's rule (democracy comes from the Greek "demos" = for the people)! !


"The Schengen Agreement"

This was also very laborious and lengthy "knitted together". Somehow bringing so many opinions to a common denominator was not easy and is even more difficult in the 27-country Europe. It was clear to everyone when the contract was concluded: This agreement is only valid and successful if everyone constantly pulls the same string of laws! And only then It is wise to remove all borders within Europe. However, if this does not succeed for any reason, every member country has the right to intercept "illegals", "democracy/economic refugees" (etc.) at least at its borders. Otherwise, the well-thought-out Schengen Agreement would quickly become a farce due to the constant perforation or undermining of a pity-seeking, unmanageable "tricky refugee mass"! Also, one should not be dazzled by even the most dramatic boat capsizing. Anyone who knowingly puts himself in the danger of crossing the sea must expect to die in the process. There is a lot of poker here and, like in the game, there are also losers. These refugees have to reckon with that and - in the truest sense of the word - have to pay for it themselves. You cross the sea at your own risk; because we didn't ask them to! Which would also fundamentally contradict the spirit of the Schengen Agreement. Interested circles are still trying to expand the Lampedusa landing site in such a way that even a massive refugee invasion into the interior of Europe can be prepared here or will no longer meet with any resistance. So low numbers of refugees are deliberately launched in order to be able to say: "Oh, what do you want? Don't make such a fuss about the few thousand refugees who are coming." It's called throwing sand in the eyes of the critics. Because: 1) Is it just about opening the "European gate" wide at first? 2) Are these just deceptive or obscuring "starter numbers" that - once in motion - will later increase explosively. 3) But once the dyke is broken, the masses can no longer be limited! So it makes much more sense and is cheaper to keep the "dyke" stable and in good condition right from the start. And, of course, the well-known + sensible advice applies here too: " Resist the beginnings ! " ... The following fairy tale is also helpful here:



Once upon a time there was a politician who was emphatically prudent and far-sighted. Suddenly - to everyone's surprise - she opens all the locks of a reservoir. Then she wonders at first:


a) There's a lot of water rushing in!

b) It's flooding the whole country!

c) I can't get that pushed back and under control anymore!

d) And if I always leave the floodgates open, it gets worse and worse!


At some point it's just: "Land under!" In the end she didn't give a damn; because the devastating water - shooting down into the valley - was strangely more important to her than the fate of the affected population living here! Even if everything is under water here: the locks stay open all the time; because only what the water wants is decisive for me. Some idiot set this up in the distant past and I'm stupid enough to stick to it today. It could be improved or updated, but then we wouldn't have all the great water features and flooding action. So there will be no limit to the rapidly expanding amount of water in the future either! In addition, I found a completely new solution overnight, which says: " After me the deluge ! " And, as everyone can see, in the truest sense of the word. It's cool, isn't it? I am infinitely fascinated by this slogan and will therefore dedicate myself to it with skin + hair. Big "over" with my highly praised, many years of prudence and foresight. From now on I'm no longer the slow-witted Liesel of the well-known Roman wisdom: "In everything you do, keep the (often thick) end in mind". Always paying attention to that was too stressful for me anyway. Now I let everything run and what wants to run - regardless of the losses. From one day to the next, Nerkel has mutated into a careless, thoughtless chaos Liesel. Stupid... and not just for you...




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