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Europe__Refugees + Asylees:Group 1__The__REASONABLE__ PLANNER


They advocate:

1) Refugee upper limits and quota formation for the individual European countries!

2) Consistent border security for the individual countries as long as this is not possible at the common Schengen external border. This would be - because of its importance + urgency: "PLAN A".
This also means that all accumulations of refugees/asylum seekers near the border are stopped or prevented. In the long run it doesn't do much good if I only half-heartedly and conveniently clear out a main camp (like Idomeni in Greece) and only bring the willing ones inland to the hotspot. Because now we have many small Idomenis along the border - populated by combat-ready packs of refugees who are not interested in orderly registration in the hotspots. They only cause stress for the border security authorities and irritate the many sensible refugee “colleagues” in the hotspots.

3) Before I develop visions of Europe, I have to achieve a largely secure basis of reason anyway. For example, as here and below in refugee policy.

**************************************************** **************************************************** ************************************
Small but important digression
Now that the European national borders are largely controllable, refugees/asylum seekers (+ their smugglers) are trying to circumvent the whole thing by sea again. They often risk their lives in doing so - but they also know that the vast majority of them are saved in ship accidents. Anyway:

Whether saved or not:

Under no circumstances should sea refugees be given a better position than land refugees!

Sea refugees should know immediately that they will be sent to the hotspots just like their “land-based colleagues”. There, the legal is then separated from the illegal - if necessary, repatriated - registered - etc. - etc. In any case, there are no special conditions for sea refugees - no untested direct route to dear "Old Germany" with the help of "short stay" " or "wave through" hotspots! !
**************************************************** **************************************************** ****************************************

And only when all of this has been regulated sensibly and sustainably - i.e. has proven itself for a long time - can Nerkel demand the European solidarity she often strives for.


And not the other way round, putting the cart before the horse:

Solidarity only based on blank notes, uncertainty + lack of concept...

So, “Senior Aunt Nerkel”, we are waiting for you! That you are finally making a move on this issue... clearly recognizing the points raised above and not already indulging in the stardom of old age. No amount of audience with the Pope will help. On the contrary ...

In any case, one is currently tempted to exclaim: "Oh Nerkel, what haven't you done to us?! If only you hadn't let those wild hordes in - we wouldn't have those bitter attacks now! ! And if collective paranoia breaks out here, that's fine all on your damn hat..."

Nerkel started her political career positively with reason - but then ended up in chaos with emotions. Refugee/asylum seeker invasions became more important to her than EU population interests. And that was explosive for the EU and probably the beginning of the end of its political career - if it doesn't improve dramatically.

**************************************************** **************************************************** ****************************************
**************************************************** **************************************************** ****************************************

Note Nerkel ;-) :

Important for the stability and self-confidence of a state (or a community of states):
No matter how many arrive - we must have the refugees/asylum seekers under control at all times and not them on us! !
And you shouldn't become careless and careless when the number of refugees/asylum seekers is temporarily declining (sharply)! That can change quickly:

a) Through counterproductive changes in government

b) Renaissance of “border sloppiness” somewhere in the EU (e.g. because effective border security is not being extended)

c) (Abruptly) ending refugee deals (Like with Turkey, which then lets the millions of "accumulated" refugees + asylum seekers "off the leash" again, so to speak. And then we have the next refugee tsunami... Woe to whoever is not prepared for this!!)

Etc., etc..

At least due to the lack of post-production, Nerkel's "Refugee Summer Fairy Tale 2015" ;-) turned into an unparalleled chaos circus. Conditions “like in ancient Rome,” as the saying goes. The huge masses could no longer be registered

, control, discipline, govern, etc., etc. That's just how it looks - a chilling example - when refugees/asylums have us and parts of Europe under control...

**************************************************** **************************************************** ****************************************
**************************************************** **************************************************** ****************************************

Without a doubt, the refugee deals with Turkey + Greece and their hotspots there are very important! But if for some reason the ropes fail there, then the only thing that can help is:

1) The consistent securing of national borders (including German ones!)

because the Schengen external borders apparently don't work anyway.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------

2a) Reception and clarification camps where:

- Legal from illegal
- People with proof of identity from those without
- Specially secured area with people who are being deported

“Legals” and refugees/asylees with proof of identity are given priority because they do not have to be checked for a long time and can be forwarded quickly.

It is important that all problem cases

only in these reception and clearing camps

processed and decided before national borders! !

... and never inland! ! !

Because everything is so much quicker, cheaper, easier and less stressful to manage. Because we know of thousands upon thousands of problem cases that (once in the country)

All you have to do is trick --- hide --- go into hiding before being deported or with a certificate before being deported

escape --- buy time --- keep the courts busy until you can no longer do so ---- and without identity +

"Residency requirement" diligently rips off the state in many places or places

At least for refugees/asylum seekers without proof of identity, the “residence requirement” should generally be mandatory! This means they have to stay in one place so that they cannot submit “rip-off applications” across the country.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------

2b) RANKING reception and clarification camps:

1) If not too explosive/dangerous, reception and clarification camps primarily in the conflict country itself

2) If this is not possible, a reception and clearing camp in a neighboring country, as close as possible to the border to the conflict country

3) The next stage would be: Definitely continue in countries outside the borders of Europe!

4) Only then - as the last sensible (!) possibility -: reception and clarification camps within Europe, but outside the respective national borders! !

(For points 3) + 4), this must of course be paired with consistent, effective and successful border security - otherwise it just won't work! ! )

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------

3) The specific annual refugee/asylum seeker caps (yet to be determined).

of the individual European countries (of course also applies + especially to Germany)

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------

4) And the resulting monthly refugee/asylee quota allocations

   for these countries (as well as Germany)

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

If you want to remain "master of your own house" so to speak (i.e. decide for yourself who, how and in what numbers are allowed into Europe), you must choose one of these 2 following options:

(i.e. the Schengen-Europe external borders are sustainably secured and controllable)



But anyone who doesn't want both makes themselves suspicious... is probably secretly toying with refugee invasions/tsunamis again, at least in the medium/long term. And that would be the last thing “Sensible Europe” wants. Such a serious relapse would deeply shock Europe again - so forget it quickly! !

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

First of all, show that it is willing + able to sustainably parry refugee/asylum seeker incursions of any size at any time! So that this eternal uncertainty is finally over and Europe can devote itself fully to its own urgent tasks. Only those who do not close Nerkel's back door and thus do not set an acceptable upper limit for refugees/asylum seekers must actually be afraid of the future.

P.S. I think that many people in Europe have no interest in playing the cleaner in escalating overpopulation + global-papal charity. Unbridled reproduction is progressing unchecked in Africa. Human growth there is one of the highest in the world! ! ! Can't feed themselves - but continue to fuck. And the Pope apparently still thinks that's great; because he thinks contraception is diabolical. Yes, is it still okay? ! Many people there think that stupid, naive Europe will catch everything that moves from here. Puppy cake! Without your own contribution, nothing will work in the near future! In any case, just continuing to fuck would be counterproductive. Should the Pope then please eat out his own soup and turn his Vatican State into a huge reception camp...



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