Antonio Justel Rodriguez

Autumn: Reality and song

... sometime, when walking between boredom and loneliness,
When the breeze and the rumor of the fallen leaves go with you, rolling and accompanying you,
You will suddenly feel a murmur of voices and you will start up, stopping the blood for a moment,
its rapid memory and the heat it has;
[... And no, nothing will be fearful, because you will ignore the excited nostalgia and again you will raise the flight
and you will flutter up to burn the skin]
... there is, and indeed, a long brightness for autumn: roses, stranded days
in beautiful temples of ash and lime, fear too, and doubt, and pure fire,
ice cream seas with which the mind watches and near the thunderous wakes of endless passion;
[But a youth blow always ends with us]
... is the rebellion of intimate swan, the last esteror against shadows,
against that final boredom and the relentless noise of loneliness;
... nobody, nobody can prevent this defeat, not even the noise of these birds of mine,
Picoing my chest, blood, the irreducible bonfire of the heart.
Antonio Justel

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 10/03/2023.


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