Rolph David

Solomon's Sentence

In Solomon's court, a tale of sorrow's touch,
Two mothers stood, a tragedy to clutch,
One claimed the child, the other in despair,
Before the king, the truth was laid out bare.

"We shared a house," the first one's voice did break,
"And gave birth there, with joy and pain at stake.
Yet darkness crept when one sad, fateful night,
Her child's breath stilled in the morning light."

The other argued, voices fierce and loud,
"My child, the living, in my arms I've vowed.
Yours, cold and lifeless, lies before your eyes,
The truth concealed beneath these bitter cries."

Before King Solomon, their words did clash,
A riddle dark, a painful, twisted lash.
"Bring forth a sword!" the wise king then decreed,
"To part the child, this truth we'll soon succeed."

But as the blade hung heavy, gleaming bright,
The real mother's love pierced through the night,
With tearful plea, her heart and soul laid bare,
"I beg, spare the child, the life we share!"

But the other, cruel, cold in her demand,
Sought death's embrace, in vengeance's cruel hand.
Then Solomon, with wisdom like a guide,
Said, "Give her the child, love cannot be denied."

Injustice averted, the true mother found,
A son, a bond, in love's embrace unbound,
A tale of grief, where a mother's heart,
Revealed the truth, set love and hope to start.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 10/22/2023.


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