Rolph David

Life's Cat & Mouse

In fair Utopia's verdant fields,
Where life unfolds its myriad yields,
A metaphorical tale I'll spin,
Of life's pursuit, as if 'twas sin.

Upon this earthly stage, we dwell,
Like cats, we chase, and often quell,
The hapless mouse that scurries 'round,
In destiny's intricate battleground.

Life's chase, a game of feline grace,
With nimble steps, we set the pace,
The mouse of fortune, swift it flees,
As we, the hunters, bend our knees.

In youth, we pounce with vigour wild,
Like kittens full of mischief, riled,
Our dreams like mice, they dart and dart,
And we, the hunters, play our part.

But time, the cunning hunter's friend,
Doth bring our fervour to an end,
With age, we slow, our steps grow still,
And let the mouse escape the hill.

Yet in this chase, both fierce and sly,
In truth, it is not all goodbye,
For life, it weaves a wondrous tale,
Where every chase, a fable frail.

The mouse, it knows not when it's caught,
In death, its destiny is wrought,
And we, the cats, we too shall cease,
In death, we find our lasting peace.

So let us play this endless game,
Life's cat and mouse, it's all the same,
With Shakespeare's words, this ballad penned,
May our pursuit have no end.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 10/24/2023.


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