Rolph David

Whispers Of Disrupted Skies: The Turbulent Echoes

Upon the horizon, a haunting sight,
Where nature's beauty once danced in light,
Forests cleared for the turbines' embrace,
A grim scene where destruction takes place.

Gone are the vistas of mountains tall,
Now marred by machines, an endless sprawl,
The view we once cherished, now torn and scarred,
By windmills that loom, looming large and hard.

The environment suffers, a heavy toll,
As turbines claim more of the natural soul,
Millions of creatures meet a tragic fate,
In windswept suction, an unkindly bait.

Electricity's cost on the upward trend,
Despite the hope renewables tend to lend,
Green initiatives, a bitter pill to swallow,
Economic burdens, much harder to follow.

The Green Party's delusion, a relentless strain,
Must halt its course, reverse the pain,
For offshore fields obscure the sea's vast hue,
Harming marine life, yet no action in view.

Alternatives sought, a plea in the breeze,
Away from this madness that brings no ease,
Let's seek solutions, mindful and keen,
Beyond the grip of the "green" machine.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 11/08/2023.


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