Poems Politics & Society (english)

Title Author:
19 Seconds (of Beweiskraft) (One Year after) Karl-Konrad Knooshood
55 heroesLeandro Martinez
A badman and a batmanVolodymyr Knyr
A consolationVolodymyr Knyr
A findVolodymyr Knyr
A gangVolodymyr Knyr
A leaderVolodymyr Knyr
A pacifistVolodymyr Knyr
A peep-showVolodymyr Knyr
A timeless sightOriada Dajko
A warfareVolodymyr Knyr
Africa, you are poor and richThomas Kreuter
America votes in 2008Ingrid E. Patrick
An expertVolodymyr Knyr
Back homeRachida Zoubid
Better FutureJan Wendler
California 1969Oliver Zajac
Carla the Sand WitchMarc Backhaus
Consumer Number OneHeinrich Baumgarten
Donkeys and monkeysVolodymyr Knyr
Fairy-talesVolodymyr Knyr
Fin de affiliation*en Kommunistische Partei Autriche 30.1.11Irina Valtscheva
Four society-critical Myku-Haiku (with notes)Andre M. Pietroschek
FUCK HATERMichael Hübner
Give Love a Big Chance to WinBarbara Mewes-Trageser
God and folk Volodymyr Knyr
God of GodlessMichael A. Fischer
Healing AbuseIngrid E. Patrick
Home is ...Jürgen Wagner
HOPE - HOFFNUNGIngrid E. Patrick
I feel lonelyIngrid E. Patrick
I'm just a girlSamantha Rhinow
IcelandHilke Lieberth
It was a PrivilegeJames Woods
It's just...Rolph David
It’s all about the PerspectiveJan Wendler
La bourgeoisie compradorVolodymyr Knyr
Little Walk in TownMarie Sophie
March 2008, PalestineIrmgard Schöndorf Welch
mirror mirrorNorman Möschter
Not… More… I am not any more….Nadège Ango-Obiang
On what a baby-kisser aye retailsVolodymyr Knyr
Our HistoryJoe R.
PEACEJens Marquard
Peak SoulNur-Viktoria Ellen Frings
Personal problems on a global screenPatrick Rabe
PerspectiveMichael A. Fischer
Plastic Bags in SeasNorbert Schimmelpfennig
Porto geeseVolodymyr Knyr
Quest orientationVolodymyr Knyr
Rancors against BankerJürgen Wagner
RefugeeEdmund Huditz
Refugee Poetry AustriaBrigitte Waldner
Setting a trendVolodymyr Knyr
Shit happensHartmut Wagner
Silent coronationSven Eisenberger
Talking to MyselfMario Canto
The Arts of the World SocietyBarbara Mewes-Trageser
The colour of historySven Eisenberger
The hopeful day of democracyInge Offermann
The Sacring Of DarknessNadège Ango-Obiang
The sharpest eye and earVolodymyr Knyr
The unknown guyNorman Möschter
The Witch I Fear! (Free Verse Poetic Musing)Andre M. Pietroschek
This World of OursJames Woods
Tribute to Barack ObamaJürgen Wagner
VotershipVolodymyr Knyr