Jürgen Wagner

Green Stuff

Green is the grass in our garden's domain
Green is the hope that helps us sustain
Greenhorns are not very experienced in life
But she has green fingers, my loving wife

Green is the moss in the forest's shade
Green is the activist for the environment's aid
Green is the mold on the dampened wall
The knight that duels Gawain, standing tall

Green is the island in Europe's far west
In green a forest ranger is dressed
Green is the tree, the meadow, the lawn
Designated green areas were marked and drawn

Green is the traffic light's signal free
Green is the frog, croaking in glee
Green are emeralds and some sapphires
The green revolution is highly admired

We think of the fruit not ripened yet
Of soldiers, of leaves, of moving ahead
Of spinach, cucumbers - what shall I say?
Everything is in the green area today

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Published on e-Stories.org on 11/25/2023.


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