Rolph David

A Dubious Social Gaffe!

Ink-stained skin, a canvas marred,
A misguided trend, universally scarred.
Once pristine, a body's grace,
Now disfigured, a peculiar chase.

No Ferrari adorned with stickers bold,
Yet on human flesh, tales are told.
Ghosts and skulls in curious array,
Mermaids dance in a perplexing display.

How does one find beauty in such disarray?
Stupid little pictures, lost in a strange ballet.
Incomprehensible, the choices made,
Aesthetic dignity in shadows laid.

Not a mural on a masterpiece rare,
But inked designs beyond compare.
Behind ears and beneath the chin,
A curious choice, a bizarre spin.

Oh, the folly of the ink, so widely embraced,
A puzzle confounding, minds interlaced.
Beauty, once pure, now submerged in the ink,
A dubious fashion, leaving contemplation to shrink.

No sticker on a Ferrari, a beacon of class,
Yet on human skin, a curious trespass.
In the mirror, reflections of regret,
For a trend that many won't forget.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 12/02/2023.


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