Rolph David


On Gudrun's 84th, a day to behold,
In the weave of memories, stories are told.
No candles flicker, yet in our hearts, they glow,
A silent celebration, where emotions gently flow.

In moments treasured, her laughter's a sweet trace,
A timeless melody, a comforting grace.
Eighty-four years, a journey, at times, profound,
Through trials and storms, her resilience crowned.

No need for candles to cast their light,
Her presence whispers, soft and bright.
In echoes of joy, in moments rare,
Gudrun's spirit dances, light as air.

Today, she turned 84 in our reflection,
A celebration of love and connection.
No need for words, in our hearts, she'll stay,
Happy 84th, dear Gudrun, on this tranquil miserable day.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 12/10/2023.


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