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Reasonable love with complications__PART--1


H had already met many women. They weren't all bad, but unfortunately they were just specialists. Sex wasn't everything to him, but it was many things. H was also broadly diversified in this area and was looking for a corresponding counterpart. But since he only met specialists, he was constantly on the lookout.

One of them could give him a really good blowjob, but that was it in that area.

The other one could fuck wonderfully in a “missionary” way and then it was Sabbath!

Another only liked anal but was disgusted with giving head.

Or she was into S&M - but everything else was disgusting to her.

Yet another: She only wanted French, but H also wanted Greek.

Blonde Iris sucked and massaged his balls fantastically - but she wasn't exactly born to fuck.

The funny, pretty dimpled Karin eagerly swallowed sperm like someone dying of thirst and was otherwise only good at kissing.

And dear Annika just wanted to be licked... to be licked... and to be licked again... Etc., etc.

One day, however, the whole spooky or crazy mess stopped anyway. A new pathogen quickly spread worldwide: highly contagious and nearly always deadly! The previously feared HIV virus, on the other hand, was an orphan. Relevant scientists threw in the towel in droves - they simply couldn't get the super clever virus under control. Having sexual intercourse with each other was tantamount to a death sentence. And that’s where the fun stopped for H too. Sex should be fun, but not killing him! That was the end of high-risk female acquaintances! He still had three options left:

A) The infamous do-it-yourself. But it was a lonely box and not really a burner

B) Of course, love robots got more and more of the upper hand in times like this. There were the greatest models and they kept getting better. But, machines remained...

C) The third alternative was MOTH! ! !

Last but not least; Because the MOTH thing had a lot of advantages: they had known each other for a long time. He lived with her and no longer had to drive wildly through the virus-threatening area. She was now widowed and grateful for every caress. And in this area she was a capable, creative all-rounder! At that time he was only able to cover almost the entire erotic palette with many love affairs - as already described above. But MOTH offered him everything in one person or under one roof and was always there for him. At night they cuddled together to sleep. At least H did it very well - had missed it for a long time. However, the blissful duo-sleeping only worked because neither of them snored! At most they wheezed a little. And that was a huge stroke of luck. They knew from many couples that the snoring of one partner catapulted them apart. H was mostly unlucky with his previous ladies. After the first mating, it was all quiet for them - all they wanted to do was sleep the whole night long. You could also partially understand if the next day was a work day. At  MOTH  and  H  things were different and so they were able to turn night into day without hesitation. H was still full of juice and strength (as the saying goes) and so often driven by carnal lust. The relentless desire for the woman knew no time limits. He woke up several times during the night and was so happy that he could help himself to MOTH without any inhibitions.

And a lot of it depended on the ambient temperature:

the fastest and easiest thing to do was of course in midsummer,

when both of them slept naked. Then he often didn't know where to start or how. When MOTH lay on his stomach, his bulging member slowly penetrated the anus and then the vagina. If she lay on her back, he could delight her wonderfully from the front. The "stable side position" ;-)) usually led to oral contact. He grabbed her giant udders - alternately lightly biting the nipples and the surrounding masses of meat fat. Her late "Ow" showed that she was awake and both on the right steamer. Because now MOTH pressed her magnificent tits one after the other into H's throat for further treatment. The next time he carefully opened her mouth and gently pushed the bursting pleasure root in... and out... in... and out... and this game was far from over... because MOTH soon got busy with. Since MOTH knew her Pappenheimer well, some nights she was only covered in black, flesh-colored, violet or lilac stockings and suspenders. She knew that he would then go off like Schmitz-Cat.

(To be continued)

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