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Reasonable love with complications__PART--2

    And in winter the search games dominated.

Now it was completely irrelevant where MOTH lay. He first crawled past her under the blanket into the underworld. When he got there, he turned around and pushed himself inch by inch under her nightgown towards the “Promised Land” or “Paradise”. The night was pitch black. He searched and searched + finally ended up at the "back exit". Not bad either... now it's not far to the "Center", he thought. A little later, H played around in the entrance gate, which this time didn't particularly impress MOTH: "Oh, you again! I'd like to finally sleep now." And just like that she was back in dreamland. Okay, thought H, one night is not always the same. Everyone has their own pitfalls and that's why I'm going to make you happy in a different way! "Is this how one receives a prince consort or emperor with his most holy scepter?" He said, tore the blanket away + pulled up his nightgown... + in with the man's squirt. While his lover woke up again from a deep sleep, he was at his best. "Well, do you still want to sleep," he asked cynically as his little bunny screamed her heart out with pleasure. Of course, the whole thing also went wonderfully the other way around.

This was particularly gratifying for him, as he already has a soft spot for Eva's daughters with sexual initiative - even with their full commitment! What a huge problem for women - was always desirable for him. He would have liked to shout to all his playmates: "Please, finally rape me! It's just a woman's problem; because men like it." But if they don't come on their own, it's no use. He wasn't available for forced stuff here either.

MOTH was again ideal in this respect. Sometimes even several times in one night she managed to wake H up very pleasantly. For example, if you intensively + profilike dealt with the insignia of virility. At some point he realized: Hey boy, this isn't a dream...it's ability! A boring deep sleep turned into a magnificent climax - thank MOTH! And once he was awake, she wanted more than oral. She then fiddled with him and skillfully waved a woman's weapons in front of his eyes until he was capable of coitus again. She wasn't a model, but she was a classy full curvywoman! And once she rode him, he was happy to be her stallion. Viva l'amore! And that often and for a long time... This MOTH - overall package could not be paid for with gold or money. Why did he only now come up with this extremely pleasant, happy funnel? But MOTH wasn't just worth gold for HIM - because she became his slave! So she stayed with him - in the truest sense of the word. And this was - as already described - absolutely vital in these bad times.

H also relied on reserves in all important points. So he also wanted a replacement for MOTH that was as equivalent as possible. When he offered MOTH that their mutual relative TAN should move in with them, she initially resisted. Then he threatened the bondwoman or sex slave with withdrawal of love - and she agreed. Nevertheless, there were still two catches: Relative TAN was only interested if the two of them moved in with her and accepted her considerable arsenal of love robots. Both finally or out of necessity agreed...

At first a universally happy human-machine Sodom + Gomorrah developed. And yet at some point H was left behind; because the ladies increasingly preferred the enormous endurance and erection capabilities of the erotic bots. And when MOTH finally succumbed to the charms of the attractive TAN, she was no longer submissive to H! H tried to turn the tide and smashed some machine lovers. Whereupon TAN attacked him with the additional Robot-bouncerfunction. H landed hard on the street and no longer understood the world. “Holy shit,” he said. "Really total crap! Does anyone understand women."

Now he had to start from 0 again. And should he ever again enjoy the outrageous happiness of a great sex addict... he would never again seek an equivalent replacement. Never again, that's for sure. One day he happened to meet MOTH in the city. She looked so damaged that he asked: "Who did you like that?" MOTH sobbed: "An defective Robotlover had wanted to practice extreme sadomasochism. And when I found out that my beloved TAN had turned to someone else , everything became too much and far too dangerous for me."

H + MOTH got together again + remained without any additional acquaintances from then on. And it was fine like that. Oh yes, H now became submissive to MOTH and MOTH thought about whether and how she should now put H under pressure.

                                                                                                                   Or not... ;-)

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