Antonio Justel Rodriguez


...and whether we know it or not, and one by one, with our forces and powers gathered,
knocking we go to all the doors of the planet:
to those of all the heavens and kingdoms, all the ages, all the abysses and all the silences;
knocking we are, therefore, in borders, darkness and light,
eyes and throats, minds and hearts;
I know that there, behind the thick walls of water or blood, stone or fire,
There is a hidden cosmic dream,
an eardrum waiting for us, an outbreak of yoked light,
a song to burn with and its value,
a lamp,
A hope;
...and now, you see that, although man is a microcosm with multiple or quantum dimensions,
In this river or mortal flow we are immersed, we search for ourselves and we still do not know;
and yes and yes,
We know well that by resurrecting and killing ourselves,
love and death have come here from far away;
… therefore, and in order to want to live, live and live and definitively resurrect ourselves,
we will have to cross all the bridges, open all the doors
and erect a quantum of ascended splendor;
but how - I ask - how to do it,
If in this effort or attempt, I don't even sense the age of this poem.
Antonio Justel/Orion of Panthoseas

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 02/11/2024.


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