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More correct at demos, etc.: Conservatives and not Nazis out!


As a rule, the extreme positions in a party are in the minority. Same with the AFD! Most of them are really conservative (maybe even very conservative) and relatively few are extreme. Then I can't throw all of these people into one NAZI pot. Hundreds of thousands of disappointed conservatives who have moved away from the CDU/CSU and parts of the FPD to the AFD do not become Nazis overnight! ! To accuse them of this would actually offend them. So the only thing that helps is DIFFERENTIATION! ! ! The AFD is constantly accused of only offering simple statements/solutions. But what is easier than throwing different versions of the many conservatives into the (already infamous) big, ancient NAZI pot? ! ? This is not only far too simple, but also undemocratic, unfair, offensive and quite comfortable .

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A little digression:

It's a mystery to me anyway as to why "simple statements/solutions" are so frowned upon and even reprehensible for mainstream society and mainstream media. In any case, I prefer simple things that are easy to understand, memorable and work to difficult things that are rather incomprehensible, error-prone and unsuitable in practice. To claim from the outset that “simple is generally bad” is very bad! ! So “simple” is often “simply great!”...

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At demonstrations and elsewhere, the most it could mean is: Conservatives out! That would then also reflect the true, unadulterated attitude that conservatives of all stripes would like to ban generally. But since the CDU/CSU and parts of the FPD would also be affected, they leave it at NAZIS. On closer inspection, the AFD is much more conservative than the CDU/CSU and parts of the FPD combined. The only true conservative party is the AFD, even if many people don't like to hear that.

The CDU/CSU (and parts of the FPD) are now only surrounded by a traditional cloak of appearance. Merkel diligently knitted him in green and red for years during her term in office. Conservative opposing forces were ignored, outsmarted and/or simply sawed off... Only before elections does the sham cloak become a cloak. Then conservative ideas are quickly brought out again and the sand is thrown in the eyes. It is non-binding: We will, we want, we will do... but after the elections people usually don't want to know anything about it anymore - the old routine dominates again...


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