Thorsten Heim

How my Story will end

It was a foggy, rainy day, a monday, to be correct, when that shit happened.
I stepped out into the darkness, but I still saw the heavy fog.
I knew it would be my last day.
And the best day in all my life.
I never had seen such a dark day before, but I knew that it was the right day to do IT.

I met her in front of our school and smoked a fine cigar by Dannemann.
The small box said "Dannemann Moods" and the text was hard to see. I took the last puff and threw my cigar to the ground and it instantly ceased.
After a small talk I went right into our secretary and asked where THEY were at the moment. After I got to know where the damn fucking bastards where I went over there. I blasted them right at their desks and left the building.
After some minutes, the telephone call was already done, some green guys arrived, but no chance.
The human beings from mars were erased from this life. I heard a sound behind me and some green cars arrived as well.
What on earth do these guys want?

I haven't done anything wrong, have I ?


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Thorsten Heim.
Published on on 01/06/2008.


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