Short Stories and Novels Crime (english)

Title Author:
About Perfect CrimesStefan Hoffmann
BetrayalSeth O´Connell
Capone`s DiscipleErika Seetzen-Woods
Educatio sadisticoQayid Aljaysh Juyub
Extravagant measures condemned in sinHarry Johnson
Fateful RainMelissa Behring
How my Story will endThorsten Heim
Last Will And Estate Theive,sRufus Murry Jr
Misinformation: 23 Hours With the Brooklyn PDJack Duffy
Murder on London BusAleksandra Bilcane
PartnersAndreas Kreutzer
Street Candy ReflectionThomas J. Comer
The Collapsed FridayUwe Stender
The Evil WithinStefan Hoffmann
The hunt forThomas B.Alfred Hermanni
The Night BeforePrince Davies
The SinghsBeatrice McNamara
W he n L una cy T rigg ers R ag eRobert Zabek