John Robinson

Prospecting for Gold or Prostitution?


Creating the Cybernetic Woman Part: 2


Historical Background: Hester/K-9

© 1995


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So far there has been little that is Science Fiction and there is little in this story other than the introduction of Kroll/Mendoza Industries and their combat suits that take prominent roll is the rest of story.


Villains if they are world order need henchmen to carry out their diabolical plans the first one was Doctor Circe Iguanonsolas or M-124. But he was not enough so in this case a henchwoman is needed. They are usually better if they are attractive but they need to be mean and it doesn’t hurt to stir in some Nazi like behavior to make the point.


This section is from the original 1995 and the chapter named ‘Hester’.


The Krispmann’s home, Huntsville, Alabama, United States


Hester Krispmann earlier years were spend in Huntsville, Alabama and were less than happy.


It was late Friday night, well past a thirteen year old Hester’s bedtime, as she tossed and turned, flopping her dark red short-straight tresses around on the pillow of the child’s bed that she had out grown. Hester had developed into a thin tall one-point-seven meters (5’ 7”) girl whose feet hung over the end of her child’s bed.


Since she had gotten home from school, she was apprehensively waiting for her father’s return. The not knowing, whether her father would beat her when he got home or just not come home. His not coming home frightened her more than the possibility of a beating. Her father was much worse since her mother disappeared two months ago; Hester missed her mother, and her loving protection.


Hester heard her father’s car approaching; it pulled into the driveway, and then there was a crash as the garbage can she had filled earlier went flying. The car door opened and shut and she could her him cursing and his staggering footsteps on the porch, the tinkle of key being dropped as he searched for the lock.



Hester’s grandfather Krispmann was rumored to have been a Nazi that the space program had brought over from Germany and had given a new identity because of his war crimes. Her father seemed to inherit some of his father characteristics even though he denounced Nazi every chance he had.



“Damn it Gretchen. Let me in honey.”


Hester lay still hoping her father would find his keys and go to bed.


“Gretchen, I need your help.”


I better go help daddy before he wakes up the neighborhood.


Hester got out of bed and went down stairs to the front door and let her father in.


“Gretchen, dear, you're so beautiful tonight. Let’s go to bed.”


He thinks I’m mommy.


Her father hugged her. Hester welcomed the fatherly affection as she led him to bed.


What happened next is conjecture. Her father never admitted to what happened next out of shame or guilt; or possibly he never remembered it, or perhaps it never happened. Hester never talked about it except once intimately to a girl friend. Allegedly, her father dragged her into bed and made love to her thinking her to be his wife.



The situation with Hester and her father continued through high school until Hester met Mark Thornbe a fellow basketball player. Hester after an especially bad week with her father begged Mark to hide her from her father. Mark did.


In route to a Cabin on Wheeler Lake, Alabama, United States


Mark Thornbe, the son of Huntsville wealthy aristocrat, with light brown hair and brown eyes, was on his summer vacation after his junior year of high school; it didn’t seem like much of a vacation to him so far, because he was so busy purchasing food and driving his Firebird daily on the long trip, that seemed to be getting longer each time: Huntsville by way of I-565, Alt. 72 and back roads to his fathers cabin located on Wheeler Lake. He had been at it a week and a half, now and it was getting harder to explain his absence to his family. He been doing the routine since his Friday night date with Hester a week and half ago. Hester had just finished her sophomore year in high school and was on the honor roll. Herster’s stay had lasted more than the weekend.


Mark was enthralled by Hester’s beauty those innocent freckles and the long red flowing hair, shimmering blue eyes and her figure. He thought he had found the right girl to set up house keeping with; temporarily they he had. He felt a fulfillment and warmth, providing for her and protecting her and his body especially his private appendage was beginning to anticipate her encounter as he stop his car next to the cabin. Hester came out on the porch.


“What you get?”


“Hamburger, Mac and cheese, milk, bread, and French fries.”


“I’m sick of the same old things. You’re a terrible shopper.”


“I’m sorry. I’m never had to plan meals before. May be if you gave me a list of things that aren’t too expensive.”


“Sorry, it so boring here alone all day and night. I wish we just go some where people didn’t know us.”


“I don’t have the kind of money to just pick up and leave.”


“Can’t you get it from your father? He’s one of the wealthiest men in Huntsville.”


“No dear, he believes I have to earn my own way. He is wealthy and he intends to stay that way.”


Mark was beginning to feel that there should be some reciprocation on Hester’s part for what he was providing as he carried in the groceries. Hester began putting the groceries away, then Hester approached Mark, hugging him, and kissing him.


“Can I get you something?” asked Hester.






“You know.”


“I’m not ready.”


“It’s been a week and a half. When are you going to get ready?


“The first time for girl has to be right.”


I hope you can get it right soon or I’m going to tell your father where you are and put an end to this.”


“You wouldn’t want to do that and ruin our friendship.” said Hester as she hugged Mark again. “Let’s sit awhile.”


They sat entwined on the couch looking out over the lake that they couldn’t enjoy because someone might recognize them.



After supper together it was time for Mark to head back to Huntsville. Hester headed for the bedroom with a little wiggle and Mark hoped he read the signal right and followed. He’d have to find an explanation for being late coming home but he would enjoy it.



Mark had reached climax. The window shattered and a canister lay on the floor that quickly filling the room with choking, eye-smarting gas. The intrusion was quickly followed by a smashing of the back, front door and the windows by some very large, well-armed, black-clad people who quickly snatched Mark and Hester naked from under the sheets.


Interrogation Room, Sate Police, Decatur, Alabama, United States


A short time later Mark and Hester were being held at the State Police Jail. FBI Agent Mildew, a middle age nondescript man in his gray damp wrinkled coat, and his partner Agent Sulky, a somewhat shorter and younger woman with brown hair and eyes both had participated in the kidnapping raid and were trying to get to the bottom of the situation.


Agent Mildew said, “You take the boy. I’ll talk to the girl.


“It figures.” said the morose Agent Sulky


“What?” snapped Agent Mildew?


“You always give me the tough guys and take the attractive girls.”


Agent Mildew mumbled a damp response to his partner. “I just thought the kid might be more inclined to talk you then me. All right, I’ll take the boy.”


A still sullen Agent Sulky didn’t respond as she went into the interrogation room with Hester.



After the agents had talked with their prisoners, they compare notes in the hallway.


Agent Mildew said “He says that they’ve been dating for six month steady. She begged him to protect him from her abusive father and she manipulated him in to hiding her.”


“She says he abducted her to the cabin for repeated sex and kept her imprisoned. Her father wonderful kind man.”


“I tend to believe the kid. I think the girl is rolling over on him to save her own hide from her father.”


“Mildew, you don’t think the FBI has case here?”


“I don’t think so. There’s no evidence of confinement or restraints at the cabin to support her story. Let’s run a check on her father.”


Agent Sulky checked the police files and found several arrest for Hester’s father for disorderly conduct public drunkenness and even conviction for drunken driving.


“The kid is looking better all the time. Let’s switch and see if anything changes.”


An Hour later both Agents departed convinced there was no interest for the Federal Justice Department to pursue but there were things for the local authorities to untangle.



Next morning the County Prosecutor, a large southern-career-politician, arrived at the Decatur jail with his assistant.


“Dearth, you said they were holding Mark Thornbe, the son of wealthy Thomas Thornbe of Huntsville?”


“Yes, boss.”


“Well, what are the particulars?”


“The FBI declined kidnapping charges saying Hester went along willing with Mark. The two kids ran off for little fun and got caught, as I see it.”


“That’s trouble with you Dearth. You just don’t see opportunity and seize it. That’s why you all ways be somebody’s assistant. How old are these kids?”


“Boss, Mark just turned eighteen and Hester is sixteen.”


“Wonderful! Let’s see; rape, molestation of minor, sodomy with minor, I’ll find some more. This one ought to put me in the governor’s mansion one way or t‘other.”



The Prosecutor ran unsuccessfully for Governor with the backing of Thomas Thornbe.


Mark’s case was quietly hidden; Mark was sentence to a year of probation and sex aversion therapy. Mark finished his senior year in a private all-boys prep school and became gay.


Hester was returned to her father and she never dated another boy during the rest of her high school or college.


It was in high school that Hester developed the belief: If you want to be of note, be exceptional and where the action is. Her attitude may have been an escape mechanism from her troubles, or the rationalization of a very intelligent, ambitious girl. She made good grades in high school, participated in sports that people noticed and she could excel in. She befriended instructor and important individuals of the community that could make meaningful recommendations for her. It always seemed like men were in control and she came to resent the male domination of her destiny. As a result of her beliefs, she was accepted at many noteworthy colleges. The most unparalleled college, being The Business School, Harvard, with a scholarship.


Harvard Square, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States


Hester had survived her freshman year culling with honors and was in her sophomore year. She had grown to her final adult height of one-point-eight meters (5’ 11”) and was a thin sixty-three-point-five kilograms (140-lbs.). Her freckles showed through her make-up as she walked across Harvard Square with members of her just dismissed economics class. The students were applying economics’ class terminology to their world. The group of girls stopped to study the kiosk in the square. There was this notice posted:



Beauty Contest
Free Photo Session for a portfolio
and the Competitions Open To
men and Women


Will receive $15,000 cash and guaranteed one year contract
with the Captiva Modeling Agency @ $30,000

first runner-up

Will receive $5,000 cash and guaranteed one year contract with the
Captiva Modeling Agency with negotiable pay

Second runner-up

Will receive $1,500 and Captiva Modeling Agency will negotiate a contract.
Other will be considered for employment.



“Look Hess, a demand for something you can supply, that is if you’re unique enough.”


“What? Another male exploitation of women.”


“They’re looking for men too Hess. I wouldn’t mind being exploited little at those returns.”


“Hess, look at the return on the investment. Why, If you won, you could pay for year of college. I think I’ll give it try.”


“Me too.”


Photo Studio, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States


Hester with few of her sorority housemates, two from her economics class, went to ‘The Studio’ on Saturday. She had to wait outside in line because the entrance was filled with her college mates, both male and female, as well as the Radcliffe students. It was a small store on a back street of town. The store sign was missing its display panel. After a long wait Hester finally entered ‘The Studio’, it was barren, not at all what Hester expected for such a large modeling agency. She had checked the Agency out before deciding to participate. The store still had a few abandon fixtures pushed out of the way from its previous tenant and the Agency’s remodeling was of a temporary nature with folding tables and cheap free standing partition. The only thing that looked valuable was the cameras and equipment.


“Fill out this informational and consent form. Have proof of identification ready when you’re finished and take it over there.” Said the women sitting at the folding table facing the door. Next.”


Hester went to the display stand that the previous tenant had left and began filling out the form like the rest of the contestants.


They hadn’t even invested in chairs or tables for us. thought Hester.


Hester took her filled-out form to the next table.


“Over parental consent age lets see your identification.”


Hester displayed her student identification card.


“Over there. Get ready. Put on your swim suit.”


As Hester stood in line with her bag, she watched the others come out of the portable dressing room and go through their posing routine in scant bathing suits at the direction of the cameramen.


Most them don’t have the faintest idea of what they were doing. thought Hester.


Hester didn’t have idea of what she was going to do but she didn’t like being handled like a heard animal on its way to slaughter and it triggered something in her.


If you want to be of note, be exceptional and where the action is. Came again to her mind.


There is plenty of action here. thought Hester. Now how do I be exceptional?



Hester sashayed out of the dressing room like she had seen the women in burlesque movies do in her tiny string bikini. She was following the posing direction, putting as much sultry style as she could into her moves but didn’t seem to be attracting significant attention.


“OK, couch poses.”


Hester moved to the couch taking her top off throwing it at the director. The other contestants a gasped and stood riveted. The cameramen continued to shoot with interest as Hester rolled on the couch with her legs one up at time as she removed her bottoms. She threw her bottoms at the director too. The cameramen continued to shoot while the other contestant starred.


“We’re done sweetie. Listen up all of you. This is not a porn audition. The next person that tries that, I’m going personally throw them out.”


Hester, disappointed went to the dressing room to dress.



When Hester came out of the dressing room the director stopped what he was doing to intercept her.


Hester though: Didn’t I embarrass my self enough that he has to personally chew me some more.


The director handed Hester a card saying, “Call this person for an interview downtown at our permanent Boston office. She have your portfolio.”


“What portfolio?” asked Hester.


“I’ll make a portfolio for you and forward it with my recommendation for you. You’ve demonstrated willingness, a real desire to succeed in the business, but keep your clothes on.


Hester didn’t place in the beauty contest but she received a contract with the agency. That allowed her to continue her business degree while working. She finished her Masters in Business with honors and went to work full time with the modeling agency.


Sales Department, LenTri, near Rocky Mount, North Carolina, United States


Hester and her Agent had just finished a concise conducted tour of LenTri’s main complex, which included a production facility, the only one at the main complex, the research labs, video department, and the corporate offices. They were now waiting in the reception area of the sales department.


Hester’s Agent suggested, “Hester, if they like you it could mean many adds. LenTri tend to stick with an image.”


“Do I get paid for today? How do they pay?”


“No for today unless they give you the contract, but they pay well.”


The receptionist interrupted their conversation, “They will see you now. This way please.”


The receptionist ushered them in to a conference room. The Vice President of sales said, “Welcome. Ms Krispmann please stand there. Mr. Sellers you may sit here. Ms Krispmann turn. Thank you. Now just walk back and forth. OK. Thank you. Come sit. Ms Krispmann, LenTri has very high standards and an image to maintain so it important we retain the proper emissary. We going to ask you some questions and see if you fit our profile for a representative.”


“Do you smoke, drink to excess or do drugs?”


“I do drink on social occasions but never been drunk in the last ten years. I don’t do drugs legal or illegal.”


“Any illegal activities?”




“We insisted on a brief tour before we talk to you, that way you have some understanding of who and what we are.


“If we decide to let you be our ambassador to the public. Would you like to work here on a permanent basis?”


“Yes I would.”


“What area would like to work in, and what qualification do you have?”


“I would like to work in sales. It’s a field I have considerable knowledge in and I have a Masters in Business Administration from ‘The Business School’, you know, Harvard.”


“Really! Our president is a fellow alumni.”


There were looks amazement on the member’s faces of the sale department as they looked at each other.


“Ms Krispmann, our Add Agency has come up with this theme:”


The Vice President executed the commands for the wall display, the following appeared on the screen:


The   Core


Plura.Com \ Heptium


LenTri ®


“For our theme, we need a representative that has extensive appeal to all the public and they can still identify with. Because of the mean age of the American public, we felt that a mature model was what we were looking for, as our emissary. Can you see your self as, At The Core?”


“Yes I can.”


The Vice President executed the controls again. On the wall screen in the center appeared LenTri’s latest model personnel computer featuring the Plura.Com/Heptium central procession unit.


The Vice President executed again and a bottom of the screen a pie shaped illustration appeared,


“This is superiority in business.”


The ad agency’s artistic rendering was of supper businesswomen standing over all a company’s facilities, coordinate production.


“I suppose supporting the rest of the segments. I don’t always follow all the symbolism of those add people. We don’t plan to push this aspect that hard, but we will be doing a seven second video segment like the rest for the net and television.”


The Vice President executed again and to the right and just above appeared cyber warrior vanquishing robotic and other villainous ghouls.


“This is an appeal to fantasies players, children and young at heart.”


The Vice President executed again and the screen added another pie piece this time to the left of center with a woman in elegant evening gown sitting in the middle of a theater play, a symphony, big screen movies, with a man watching a football game at the same time.


“This is an appeal to the leisure arts.”


The screen again filled with another pie piece with a bikini-clad woman lying on the beach as a characterization of LenTri’s computer server her a Mai Tai.


“This is emphasis how our computers will assist the public so they can have more leisure time.”


The final segment then filled the wall screen with a hollow world globe, displaying the center of the Pacific Ocean and in the global center void was a woman standing in leisure clothes plugged in at eyes and ears to all medias of the world.


“This is our in contact appeal.”


“We’ll be making add posters similar to this artistic rendering from our video out takes for newspapers, magazines, billboard ads. Ms Krispmann, do you have any trouble with any of these roles or costumes.”


“No, not at all it looks like fun. What studio will we be using?”


“We have our own video department here with some very talented people. We do prospective for stockholders, training films and all our own ads.”


“When do we start?”


Hester’s agent, Mr. Sellers, interrupted.


“How long is the filming going to take, and what kind of figures are we talking about?”


“Mr. Sellers we can talk about that later thank you all for coming. We’ll be in tough after we’ve seen some more prospects.”



Hester got the job. Hester now had work several years as a model. She was beginning to feel that diminishing returns were taking place in her career so she, during the filming, convinced the Sales Vice President he indeed had made her an offer of permanent employment; she wheedled her way into the sales department.


Her first assignment after sales training was the North Western division of South America, which she manipulate her way into seeing a great opportunity. She cajoled her fellow sales people into helping her understand and doing her new job for her with any means necessary. Her attitude was whatever it takes also carried over to her more important customers. She learned Spanish to better conduct business in South America.


When Hester heard of a new hospital being built, she was on the scene requesting a meeting with the builder, Jorge Vasquez.


Site of the Santa Rosa Hospital, above Tingo Maria, Peru


Hester arrived at the construction site in the jungle and was watching the hospital being built while she waited for Jorge. Jorge was nowhere to be seen as she stood next to her rented Toyota Land Cruiser, still waiting. All at once, from all directions, like an invasion, numerous military vehicles surrounded Hester. From the newly arrived vehicles were deployed numerous well-armed troops. Jorge and Doctor Iguanonsolas arrived shortly there after at a leisurely pace in a polished, new, black chauffeur driven, Hummer. Doctor Iguaonsolas was well dressed, as he got out of the back seat and walked around to other rear door, which Jorge was getting out of. They walked together toward Hester. Jorge was impeccably dressed in a white suit, his Panama hat that didn’t disguise the fact he was almost bald and he had gained considerable weight with his new found prosperity. Jorge broke the terse silence first.


“I’m Jorge Vasquez. I hope you’re Hester Krispmann or you’re dead.”


Hester quickly responds, “I am, I am, I’ve got my LenTri badge right here, you want to see my passport?”


Doctor Iguanonsolas interceded, “I’ll have to apologize for my boss’s paranoia. He’s really a nice person once you get past the military protocol.”


Hester launched in to her sales pitch.


“It’s going to be a beautiful hospital Senor Vasquez. LenTri can supply your entire computer, electronic and robotic equipment needs for your new hospital and other enterprises. I’ll personally guarantee complete support for every thing I sell, or lease you. If LenTri doesn’t make it, I’ll get you a source that will, after all, LenTri makes components for almost everything in the medical and military equipment business. I’ll do what ever necessary for your account and support.”


Jorge answered, “I like you beautiful. You have the gall to meet me alone doesn’t say much for intelligence but a lot about your motivation. Let’s talk.”


Jorge put his arm around Hester as he lead her to his Hummer


“My Placement Agency, Retail Supply Company, Pharmaceutical companies, not to mention my new hospital could use modernization, and up to date equipment; mainframes, PC and laptops for a network, then there are a lot other electronic components we need. I’ll take care of you as long as you take of my needs.”



Hester sold Jorge three main frames, net work systems, a plethora of desk tops PCs and laptops, laboratory and hospital equipment, and components and systems for military applications. The largest and the most powerful of the main frame computer was called SADAM (Supper Arithmetic Digital Arranged Management) It did all Jorge’s orders and sales finances and military operations. The sales continued to grow with Hester’s commissions. Hester was quick to act in Jorge’s interests and especially her own when she came across a small Mexican manufacturing company, Kroll-Mendoza Industries Ltd., that was buying components for their protective suits from LenTri. Hester arranged a demonstration of one of their suits for Jorge at his training area.


Training area out side the Vasquez compound, above Tingo Maria, Peru


The Vasquez training area had been cleared of the training troops who now stood at attention at the entrance, saluting, with their arms extended as the first vehicles of Jorge’s procession arrived. On the range were other pieces of equipment that would not normally be there for training. Jorge’s special guards got out first and surrounded Jorge’s shiny black Hummer as Hester and Doctor Hans Kroll got out of their rented Land Cruiser. Jorge got out, of his Hummer, saluting his troops. Doctor Hans Kroll was old man with white hair and piercing blue eyes. He was taller than Hester at one-point-nine meters (6’3”) even though he was bent with age. Doctor Kroll has spent many years with chemical polymers, fibers and adaptations of technology to provide protective clothing in the interest of saving lives. He was here to represent Kroll-Mendoza Industries Ltd. at Hester request for a sales demonstration of his latest suit.


Jorge announced, “All right beautiful, what so important that you can’t sell it to me over the phone?”


“Jorge, you have to see it to believe it.”


“This means it expensive, doesn’t it?”


“It not that expensive when you consider the lives it will save.”


“Red, life here is cheap; it’s material things that are expensive.”


“Even well trained people? Beside, it will give you a superior combat edge. You told me keep eye out for your interest and I have. LenTri has been supplying Kroll-Mendoza Industries Ltd. a multitude of chips and processors for their suits similar to ones you have been buying. These suits are something you could definitely make use of in your numerous enterprises.”


“Yes and you defiantly could use the commissions.”


“That goes without saying, Jorge dear.”


Doctor Kroll had two items in his hands a helmet and a full sized backpack as he emerged from the back of their dented Land Cruiser.


“Jorge please put this helmet on.” commanded Hester


“You interrupted my day and brought me out her to put on a helmet?”




Doctor Kroll held the backpack so Jorge could put his arms through the straps.


Hester had small radio in her hand and a large camera flash unit as Jorge grudgingly put on the helmet, closing downward the faceplate. As Jorge looked around, and returns to face Hester saying:


“Variable tint, very nice.”


Just as Jorge turned to face Hester, she set off the camera flash unit in his face. Most of the people standing with Jorge were wincing and were still temporarily blinded.


“Very Impressive.” said Jorge.


“Jorge this helmet is part of Doctor Kroll’s suit and contains the light filtration system which you just experienced. The radio is working fine I trust?” said Hester.




“Night vision enhancement and infrared are in this helmet as well. Stick out your tong.” Commanded Hester.


“I have menu!”


“Yes the suit has targeting capability and GPS locating, with topographical map overlays. Open targeting weapons. Option number four, targeting, M-87.”




“I have a standby status.”


“Jorge take a look at your M-87.”


“Son of bitch it electronic firing system is active.”


“Go to targeting ready and pick a inconsequential object out on the range.”


“I have a cross on the face plate and a vertical facing topographical map of the area with a cross. The gun targeting for me from thirty feet away!”


“Go head.”


Everyone was holding the ears from the muzzle blast.


“A sound limiter?”


“Ya, ve built hearing protection into das helmet.” said Doctor Kroll.


“The targeting system can be adapted to numerous applications. Now I would like to demonstrate the rest of the suit, for you if you. If you would return the helmet and backpack.” said Hester.


Doctor Kroll took the equipment from Jorge and went to the back of the Land Cruiser. He proceeded to get out a slivery-green suit and started putting it on. Hester quickly strolled over to him.


“Hans let me. It’ll make more of impression if I show Jorge my trust in your suit, he already knows me. Besides, you’ll be better at explaining the technical information during the demonstration.”


“But it vasn’t made for you. It von’t fit tight und der looseness vill not disperse der impacts properly.”


“I’ll chance it.”




Hans removed the suit and Hester puts it on it. It was a little loose. Hans installed the backpack on the suit as Hester put the helmet on, closing the faceplate, sealing the suit. The two of them returned to where Jorge was standing, observing.


“Herr Vasquez my suit make mit several polymers. Der surface polymer is stronger dhan der armor platen but flexible mit normal movements. On sudden impacts der polymer remains rigid und dissipates the umpact in all direction mit very little deformation. I vill make vith der demonstrate. Soldier, let me have your rifle, please.”


Doctor Kroll unloaded the rifle and took it by the barrel, swing it at Hester chest. With the impact Hester was forced to step back as the stock of the rifle broke off.


“I sorry soldier. Here Jorge you make vith.”


“I’ve wanted to do this for long while now.” exclaims Jorge


Jorge swung the remains of the rifle at Hester’s head and it bounced off. He swung again and again with little effect at her knees and elbows and other places.


“Herr Vasquez, der impact resistance it not limited to blunt object; here try der knife.”


Doctor Kroll demonstrated the sharpness of the knife by shaving the hairs on his forearm before handing Jorge his commando knife. Jorge was getting in to spirit of the demonstration and attempted to plunge the knife into Hester heart. The knife slid off without a mark.


“Hester hold out your arm.” commands Doctor Kroll.


Doctor Kroll took back the knife and at shallow angle attempts to peal the polymer with no effect. Then he tried a perpendicular cut and sawed with still no effect.


“Der Polymer, as I vas saying, is stronger dhan der armor und vill resists impacts vhich include: scraping, cutting und piercing. Hester, take a valk.”


Hester walked out on the rife-firing range to near the central target.


“Jorge have your men load their rifles und line up.”


“How many men do you want Doctor?”


“All dhem that have riffles.” said the doctor with palms up gesture.


“OK men aim at Hester und fire at vill until your exhaust.”


Around after round splattered on Hester in the Kroll-Mendoza suit and fell to the ground as Hester calmly stood trying to keep her balance as she was force to back up by the impacts. Finally there was silence on the range.


“Sergeant let me have a grenade, please.”


Doctor Kroll pulled pin and threw it at Hester. It landed a little short, but Hester corrected for it by moving to stand over it with her legs spread. The grenade went off launching Hester into the air several feet. She somersaulted and landed on her feet.


“Der suit is a sealed environment dhat filters out poisons gasses, biological veapons und provides temperature control.”


Hester was now at the large tank truck brought in for the demonstration. Doctor Kroll handed her a bottle of chlorine gas and a hamster in a cage as she climbed in. Hester closed the hatch and Doctor Kroll sealed it. Jorge and Doctor Kroll took up observation at the only small view port. Hester opened the valve on the bottle and the tank filled with yellow gas and the Hamster died a painful death with blisters appearing on it skin. Five minuets passed as Hester waved to them from the chlorine filled tank.


“Herr Vasquez, lets move up vind und let dhem open der tank.”


A man in a gas mask released the catches on the tank and ran. When he was clear Hester opened the hatch and the yellow gas dissipates into the air as she moved away from the tank.


“I vas saying der suit has der temperature control und for limited periods is heat and cold resistant.”


Doctor Kroll now had a portable flame-thrower on his back; he ignited it and went to high, engulfing Hester in flames. He pans the flames on and off her so that the suit did not to exceed it limits.


“Herr Vasquez Der suit is equally as good to minus-fifty-two degrees Celsius ve can make vith das demonstration in your freezer if you vish. If not, dhat about concludes our demonstration. I hope ve’ve convinced you to purchase our suits.”


Hester had taken off the helmet and the suit and was looking well to the astonishment of Jorge.


Jorge bought twenty suits for his personal guard on the spot at twenty nine thousand US dollars a suit. Eventually Jorge bought forty percent of the Kroll-Mendoza Company and became the South American distributor.


Hester’s commission for the sales that day was five percent per suit or one-thousand-four-hundred-and-fifty United States dollars for a total of twenty-nine-thousand United States dollars. Hester felt it was worth the risk she had taken. Hester was equally aggressive with other clients in South America but she avoided costly conflicts. Jorge continued to be her main client and his purchase continued to grow. She did so well, in improving sales, in the North Western division of South America; she won the award of overseas salesperson of the year.


LenTri Corporate Sales Office, near Rocky Mount, North Carolina, United States


Hester continued to cultivate a business relationship with Jorge even when she was promoted and returned to corporate headquarters. A man of his power and influence would be good ally in her quest for dominance and wealth.


Hester’s next obstacle in her march to top was her manager, A good person that knew his job and treated people fairly.


Hester thought: Now, how to get his job?


She didn’t have any dirt to use against him, so she started dressing provocatively and flirting with him. Frank resisted for a while even though a married with a family.


When he finally did respond Hester yelled sexual harassment long and loud.


They were both laid off pending a court decision. In the next six months it took the courts to get to the case Frank was in the stages of divorce and estranged from his family; his job didn’t seem that important any more. In the mean time Hester was politicking the right people for the job, while working in modeling field. The case never came to court and Hester became manager.



The Far Eastern manufacturing began to take a bigger part of the computer market and sales decreased. Hester knew it was time to get out of sales and be where it's happening and be exceptional. ‘Down-sizing’ was the word of the day. Hester figured that cost control and production problems would be a good place to keep advancing. She transferred remaining a manager.


The disc drive division of LenTri fell under her domain. A man who ran his division loosely and had a dislike for women in management, who put career above family, headed the disc drive division. Hester disliked men, but he became a special interest of her wrath.


The division was operating barely in the black but by the time Hester had finished her interpretation of the numbers it was the least profitable part of the company. She then set about convincing the President Phred Farnsworth and board of directors that out sourcing would be more cost efficient. (Especially for her with the negotiated kickbacks.) She managed to personally give the hatchet to twenty of the four-hundred employees, including the Vise President of the division.


By the time she had accumulated all recorded directives he had enacted at her verbal request she had enough to terminate him without pension or stock options. Then she moved downward to the managers, supervisors and foreman but they were only the men. She especially liked firing the men in their late fifties and early sixties.


When outside venders took over supplying disc drives; the real cost to the company was four-hundred-thousand-dollars more a year than it would have if the division had continued operation. It was too late for any of the laid off employees to do anything but seek new employment on the bottom of the seniority list, if they found a job.


The president and board of directors only saw Hester’s figures and thought she was a wonderful selection for Vice President of the department replacing the retiring vice-president.


Hester continued to supply Jorge and work as his U S operative even after he moved to Venezuela at Hugo Chavez request for help.


Next story in Creating the Cybernetic Woman part 3 is: ‘Induction, Welcome to Venezuelan’.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of John Robinson.
Published on on 03/03/2009.


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