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The air whistled across my dry nappy hair. The wind was my ally against the white vermin that had conquered the bushy terrain of my rooftop. Regardless of our unspoken allegiance, I hated the sound the wind emitted, the eerie whistle of the wind's invisible molecules, racing at speeds known only by Mother Nature and her prodigal sons. We as humans fancied ourselves as the most intelligent creatures on the planet, yet the wind' skillful maneuvering possessed more cognitive intelligence that we could comprehend. "The stars never looked so beautiful" I thought, trying vainly to recollect the residue of the little consciousness I had left. The night light had the ability to send even the most volatile of giants to a gentle slumber. Without man's interference the stars shone, majestically revealing the true beauty of darkness. Even the moon in her solitude echoed her dwarfed siblings' lifeless energy, her shadow gracing my flawed planet' skin. I never knew much about solitude, but tonight she was my only company, her cold presence allowed my skin to adjust to the night's chilly temperature. "I shall name you,
Paradise. My Lilliputian aphrodisiac" I shouted, penetrating the island's skin with my ring finger, an act symbolizing both my eternal unity with her and the annexation of her barren land. "The flag shall be erected here, one color to symbolize the synthesis of all our cultures. Man shall awe at your sole stance against the world's inhumane sins" I felt intelligent, unrivalled by societies perpetual discouragement. People always had a way of putting each other down, subconsciously attempting to destroy all that their limited intelligence could not understand in order to validate themselves, it was a give and take relationship.

I loved the taste of the uncontested oxygen supply; the untapped nutrients provided my tar filled lungs with an extra jolt of youthful excitement, stolen by man's immorality.
I stood up, dusting the warm beach sand from the clutches of the hair residing on my epidermis. The ocean's benevolent waves swept me gently out of my vertical challenge on gravities dictatorship, but not gently enough to keep me unscathed. A few bruises on my forehead stood reminding me of our little confrontation. She had shown mercy to me and one day I would have to repay her grace. The smell of fresh coconuts, lying along the shore overpowered my senses, diverting my attention from my pseudo rivalry with the ocean. The smell lit the atavism that lay within me. It was essential for my survival, even our constant self denial could not hide that we were all nature' spawn lost in the endless cycle of self deceit. My eyes ran firmly over the oval coconut's hairy exterior, analyzing its flawed beauty. "Well it's just me and you my amour. The world is our little oyster" I smirked, concealing my true self serving intentions. My hidden agenda could destroy the bond, time's viciousness could not consume. Our little blue backyard rose and bowed repeatedly at my polygamous engagement, nature's gift to our naivety. Deep down in my heart I knew it would not last, my insatiable hunger could not be fulfilled by our meaningless unity. I was too caught up in the moment to care, like first lovers my patterned finger tips gently caressed my oval lover's indecent figure, ignoring all the flaws Mother Nature had so abundantly gifted her.  My sheer desire and instinctual passion for survival over looked her masculine appearance, diverting my mind from her superficial flaws. My acknowledgement of her flaws veneered the illusion of mortal perception. After all true beauty lies on the inside. The tasty white interior of her treasure would reward my patient grooming of her uncouth persona and feed the growing appetite linking me to the animals that dominated the forest.

Drool raced down the chaffed white corners of my lips, the first signs of immoral desires, my saliva ready to dominate the fluid she held within her oval frame. Unbeknown to her, the only future she had was the assimilation of her self to suit my endless desires, the hopeless reduction of her psyche to fit into my system. I pitied her, both her past and her future repressed by conformity. She could only enjoy and embrace the evanescent present, neither time nor nature possessed jurisdiction over. The only true moment she could shape or destroy was now, frozen by the love we silently proposed upon each other. My head tilted, wondering whether she knew the importance of this very moment, how the chemical love we shared could never last. How could nature punish the weak with such a harsh and meaningless reality? How could her laws permit the weak to disintegrate into the darkest chasms of hell's burning fury? Death was a luxurious mercy bestowed only on the strong. What sickened me even more was the fact the Nature had appointed me as her pawn in her ad hoc power trip, a demonstration of her vast to her ungrateful children. My arm threw my wrists downwards, launching my lover on a one way trip to the insects' rocky valley of death. Immediately her heart broke in two, the jilted lover could not survive alone; Nature's little workers would usurp the little remains my hands could not reach. She could do nothing but succumb to the forces who coveted her bare soiled treasures. This was evolution at its best.

I felt a slight tickle running down the funnel of my enzyme filled granary, as the succulent white remains of my once cherished lover spiraled down, to be broken further by hungry soldier awaiting her arrival. "I'm sorry little friend, but my survival can only be sustained through your consumption. In your death you shall always be a martyr to your peers" I threw my eyes to the dusty shores, in respect of my lover. In death her life shall resonate for eternity. I fell back almost intentionally on the arms of my dear lover's towering home. My tired knees could no longer sustain my meager frame, her energy had run thin. "My life amounts to nothing" I sighed. All the friends I once had, consumed by the jealousy of my greed, cared not that I had vanished from the modern Earth; even the great Magi cared not where my rotting body lay. I pitied myself, the shell I had built around my frame to glorify myself had been reduced to dust, even the coconuts stood around me taunting me, as if calling for the resurrection of their friend, my lover. Cupid had cast a curse on my adulthood, rewarding my blind ambition with solitude. Or maybe it was the true fate of my humanity, to live a meaningless life covered only by the watermarked paper we valued so dearly. "Born alone to die alone" I muttered. Tears formed on the base of my eyes, awaiting further instructions to cleanse my soul of mortality. Time was slowly approaching my fading body and soon would stare me in the eyes and what was borrowed from her house. I could not wait for that moment, the moment I would be saved from my solitude. My fingers meandered on the brown skinned carpet that housed me. "The world will marvel at such creativity. This is where I am now" I shouted pointing at a doodle I vaguely tattooed on the
Island's skin. "If I rode the waves I could find my way back home, the

Sea shall maneuver my body" I stood up, quickly wiping my face with my dusty clothes. A new hope resurrected me will to live, fuelling my body with heaven's diesel. "You hear that my love, we shall find our way back home. We shall profess our love to the world".

 My eyes raced the shores, searching for our savior, our vessel to humanity. "Are you my savior?" I shouted, staring at a decomposing tree arm. He looked familiar, as if a part of him was engraved in the memories of my body. "Have we met dear friend" I asked, manically. We shared an instinctual bond, only the senses could be au fait with .He looked strong enough to support only the weight of an embryonic being, but my body carried very little baggage, barely enough to carry my oversized crown. "You shall save me from my desolation dear friend" I sang as I carried his weight across my shoulders. "I shall see the day once more, my lover and I will sail forth to my beloved home" I shouted. The humans awaited their savior's arrival. I could hear the Ocean sing, a final farewell to a worthy adversary. "Good luck to you to my foe". This time our battle would be the final, the end of all wars. The monsters she carried in her belly would rise, not in praise, but in war. "Good shall prevail, the children you have devoured shall teethe your pets". My body feared the awaiting battle, its mortal flesh, unready for the pain and tormenting war. Salvation shall come at the sacrifice of my mortality. I cast my vessel, upon the Ocean; the path to salvation had been drawn. Slowly I agglutinated my body on the wooden wonder of Nature's unrivalled ingenuity. "My Lover, In Zion we shall never die".  

Deserted is basically a poke at religion and other established belief systems(religion) and how humanity prides itself as the most intelligent species when the truth is our intelligence lies only in our numbers, as individuals we are merely animals seeking to survive in the jungle of our dying planet. There's also a lot of themes encrpted between the text, reading it once does not do the "adventure" any justice because the more times you read it the more you realise thats in not actually a book you can categorize, if you read it front back to front, you could discover a lot more about it, but the fact im trying to put out is we humans always look for an explanation when the truth, or my perceived truth is there is no such thing as an explanation for anything because it all depends on your particular views and what the environment around you has taught your mind
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