Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (7)

Scene                                               WHERE - EXACTLY WHERE - TIME OF DAY

19                                                          NARRATOR
                                 "With all gossip they had arrived of course where RF was not so frequent now any
                                  more: in the Leavesden film Studios, just because of Harry Potter's films and other 
                                  films which he sometimes let pass in complete silence revue."

                                                        OUTSIDE - AREA OF ENTRANCE - MEET

                                  A group by chance 30 students had appeared to welcome the teacher and his 
                                  companions. RF allowed to them to collect so many impressions in the studios for 
                                  any houseworks and personal studies as only possibly and one arranged to meet for 
                                  one of the following days to exercises. Because the student was clear very well that 
                                  RF a lot expects from them and did not give indeed free of charge free choice of the 
                                  learning possibilities, they thanked courteously and made that they came on 
                                  investigation tour. If observed Ralf surprises the happy people who went joking 

                                 „And up to now did you still have no failures with the kind to permit freedoms to the 

                                  RF shook the head.

                                                    (of the everlasting explanations because of exhaustedly)
                                 „If I did not have, at school they must often enough learn strictly after curriculum, why 
                                  do not perceive here only with the eyes and ears, I think, one should not 
                                  underestimate the imagination and I will let them sometime write down some 
                                  impressions, from the today. If they know certainly.“

                                 „RF considered convulsively how he should turn to Ralf. The young man seemed to  
                                  him absolutely able to hear unusual from him to themselves also sometimes.“

                                 "What I still wanted to say, actually: soon is the next day of death of the unknown  
                                  friend of Madleine. Did you would feel like accompanying me to Madleine, all the 
                                  same whether do we fly now to her or whether does Madleine come 

                                  Ralf nodded surprised.

                                 „What do you expect there from me?“

                                  Ralf got into the habit of observing his mentor now better, his facial play and gesture 
                                  had fascinated him already of here, this now...

                                 „I would want only that you get to know the person in me whom I am, moreover, still.“

                                  Besides, he did not look at the young man, it seemed almost as if it was very 
                                  disagreeable to him now that he had decided to open to a person.   

                                  Ralf heard very well the hesitant and tense out and had to be almost fear now on 
                                  occasion with RF together, certainly sometimes privately, even more, however, on 
                                  work. He was just about to pull back his approval. Madleine and his meetings with 
                                  her had taken place up to now at another level, this spot....?     

                                                    (heading off)
                                 „When is the day of death of that woman who seems so interesting thus his now after 
                                   her death?“

                                                    (unpleasantly touched)
                                 „Nice the next week, Wednesday, on the 24th of April...“

                                  Before he could say something else, rang his mobile phone. He decreased and on his 
                                  face happy surprise appeared. He meant Ralf, nevertheless, that may already go to  
                                  the carriage before.

                                                    (in a hurry)
                                 „Seats just in the airman to London, was such an inspiration of me, or notion, you 
                                   could need me at the moment maybe? And I have time enough.“

                                 „Have the unsafe feeling, you can read occasionally my thoughts, Ralf, your friend -   
                                  or what always he for you is - and I go back to London. Then my driver will fetch 
                                  you, when will you be here?“

                                 „If not still what interferes, in about 2-3 hours, till then: do please nothing rash.“

                                  RF promised to do this, the last hello said her fast and put the mobile phone back in 
                                  his jacket pocket.

                                  RF went a little faster, ran back even a short piece, to the waiting car when he had 
                                  wanted it before. A little bit out of breath he let his carriage door engage and waved,  
                                  now it can go off.

20                                                    INSIDE - PASSENGER AREA - MEET

                                  The driver was surprised only briefly, it concerned him, finally, nothing if his boss 
                                  moved occasionally sometimes a little faster than maybe well for him was. The press 
                                  had put sometimes the rumour in the world, he would have a light cardiac defect. 
                                  Nobody knew which happened it at his request because he wanted to have a little bit 
                                  more rest...

                                                    (is surprised)
                                 „Possibly what thrilling, MR. F.?“

                                 „If one can probably say. What you mean, Ralf, Madleine asked me to do nothing 
                                  rash, however, would have to know that I practically never do this. Why she reminds 
                                  me today of it, today she will arrive because.“

                                  He had thought almost according to, as if he could see in Ralf already a sort of a 
                                  good  friend to whom one should have unconditional trust.

                                                    (nothing but)
                                 „Hear, my good: in 2-3 hours this lady will arrive at the airport, you will fetch them.“

                                  He passed the photograph of Madleine to the driver. Such a little thing could be also 
                                  finished by the mobile phone on the printer which had been installed in the carriage. 
                                  Ralf was surprised only moderately. RF was not only mysterious, he acted if it had to 
                                  be, still as fast as years ago.

                                  RF saw the mistrust in Ralfs face and laughed.

                                 „Madleine is a sort of a colleague who helps me now and again to move my ideas. 
                                  Nevertheless, my writing style has given the discount something and she can criticise 
                                  without becoming coarse, older men like I are sensitive there a little bit, everything 
                                  clearly with you?“

                                  Ralf shook confused the head, however, agreed. He had more common 
                                  characteristics with the big RF than he could anticipate. Good sign for the future?

                                 „Of deadly boredom could originate if the viewer and listener really got every 
                                  conversation between the men who will also ascertain in future resemblances in the 
                                  being. Now: Madleine is fetched as demanded and we get into the events, as a 
                                  Madleine, Ralf and RF in the flat of RF a disagreeable disturbance get to know...“

21                                                    INSIDE - SITTING ROOM in RF `s  FLAT - EVENING

                                  Madleine has made it to themselves after the plentiful dinner just comfortable, her 
                                  water whistle gives an aromatic smell of itself, the RF irritates only moderately and 
                                  Ralf looks taken aback: he knows them only cigar smoking?

                                 „Is a sordid attempt to accustom the dense smokes completely from to me because 
                                  of RF so bit by bit, you understand?“

                                  RF looks at them mockingly, this time he believes her no word. Which of itself 
                                  convinced woman would become for a man - and all the same WHO is this man! -  
                                  give up the lover? If she not even smoked without any hurry and, besides, especially 
                                  intensely, she sometimes had brain waves of all kind.

                                  In this atmosphere one energetically rings in the front door. And when RF steps 
                                  personally near the speech arrangement, he hears a strict male voice which tolerates 
                                  no contradiction.

                                                              Voice of a POLICEMAN
                                 „Police, MR. F.! They will have to give us for some moments your precious time, 

                                  In RF uncanny fury climbed up. Clear, he controlled the press very well, but the 
                                  police had to lead somewhere an act about him. And what did have to do the 
                                  impolite?! The guy disgraced of him before his guests! If the devil knew what had 
                                  been taken down there about him: had his driver "overlooked" a red traffic light once 
                                  again? Then one should not get on the nerves of him...
                                  This was no hidden joke, this could be understood as an attack on his person. What  
                                  it helped. And he opened both doors, decreased thoughtfully, internally cooking, to 
                                  both people who stared at him aghast. So much he also tried to pull together himself,  
                                  his turkey-red face spoke volumes.

                                  In any case, the policeman in the seeming weekend suit - carried he none of the usual 
                                  uniforms - the door quietly closed behind itself, he came alone, briefly looked 
                                  around, greeted politely.

                                                              DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT
                                 "To excuse, please, my kind, MR. F.! Though this strange incident deals with your  
                                  name, but one of your students has possibly permitted to himself a joke within which 
                                  studios, which today were visited. We were made go after the thing, is sorry me very 
                                  much, am fan of you."

                                                    (almost again amuses, but still seriously)
                                 „I leave this to you, worth man, still was long no reason to be so impolite towards 
                                  myself in the arrangement. An easy "request" would have been sufficient. However, 
                                  must insist on the fact that you itself first of all with my guests excuse.“

                                  Madleine pulled amazed the forehead in folds, however, in RF `see face she read  
                                  that this was one of his tricks again to manage disagreeable, to the types he wanted 
                                  to get rid fast.
                                  And it functioned: the official apologised very friendly.

                                  Ralf watched out not to accept this excuse what might plan RF?

                                                              Detective superintendent
                                 „Now, unfortunately, however, to the essentials, must exist on it, but I would have to 
                                  ask you on the department, however, thinks: here it is more comfortable.“

                                  RF nodded in dismay. More seriously than he had thought.

                                                              Detective superintendent

                                 „These admissions were passed to us, do not ask, from whom. If we ourselves do 
                                  not know.“

                                  The detective superintendent laid different photos on the table on which one saw 
                                  follower: “My day will come“ „Why you have not prevented it“ and this not only in 
                                  garish colours, but also in neon writing. And "RF" always thus as an unequivocal  
                                  indication in addition.

                                  Madleine saw how RF wanted to collapse almost in itself, interfered fast.

                                 „Where do you see now the joke? A mad fan has certainly thought up, or? Has one 
                                  removed these messages meanwhile?“

                                                              Detective superintendent
                                 „If you permit, lady, accepts, you speak by consent of MR. F.? Then you do not hold 
                                  me now please for cracked: the messages disappeared after about 1 half an hour.“

                                 „Nevertheless, only a bad light trick?“

                                  The detective superintendent shook regretfully the head. It did not seem to disturb  
                                  him  oddly enough any more if other people interfered.

                                                              Detective superintendent
                                 „Is sorry me if I cannot calm you, but one could guarantee at these places neither  
                                  source of light nor other clues. A sort of extrasensory, also means our specialist for 
                                  the unusual cases which one cannot solve alone with science. We are occupied there 
                                  very much because we do not know whether dangerous there comes up to you, Mr. 
                                  F. Da find neither photographs instead of, nor one could explain it with normal mind.“

                                  The detective superintendent saw like RF to itself slowly on the phone to moved and 
                                  misunderstood it, because RF went rather like to trance what only Ralf and Madleine 
                                  with got.

                                                              Detective superintendent
                                 „No reason to trouble personally the chief constable Mr. F. Ich assures you who is 
                                  necessary local police and if it, those of the whole country, will supervise you from 
                                  now from round-the-clock.“

                                                    (how from a dream waking, under one's breath)
                                 „Also this still, is the last what I would need now.“

                                                    (nothing but)
                                 „If you think that is absolutely necessary, you know, how does the press rush at 
                                  every  nonsense which hangs together anyhow with my person? Supervise, but not 
                                  so conspicuously that I every policeman soon with name know.“

                                                               Detective superintendent
                                 „I expect there your undivided attention, this is no joke and already no chicanery by  
                                  the police, I may be recommended?“

                                  All three people nodded and when the official had left, finally, the flat, RF could try 
                                  again to react normally.
                                  Madleine saw how he sat down in the armchair, leant back which closed eyes, was 
                                  deeply unsafe and was exhausted. She nodded to Ralf.

                                 „Even if it might be maybe too late for it: make to us all one nice coffee, to me 
                                  completely so strongly, does not want to get no cardiac infarction.“

                                  Ralf left alone the both, RF started to calm down, looked at Madleine seriously.

                                 „Sit down please to me, Madleine. I know that you will not decrease from me that I 
                                  feel more than pure sympathy for you if you should love Ralf, I will take this there. 
                                  These messages come something too suddenly. And you also know that I could also 
                                  give up to now no meaning, why to the extrasensory. To me such is never pushed 
                                  shut, but You?“

                                  Madleine blushed immediately.... The man from whom she accepted he would be 
                                  able  to feel only hatred for them, almost his love confessed to her? Where should it  
                                  come? Only because she could handle informally with him, this fan gossip with big 
                                  fun took note, but the thing with her.... She sat down to him, laid her hand on his.

                                 „Now you are certainly raised and need mental support, I understand of course. 
                                  When she has killed herself at that time - unfortunately, I am persuaded of it - I  
                                  already asked myself: „Which man is worth it that one throws away own life because 
                                  of HIM?“ However, one cannot express thus, every fan feels differently and for me 
                                  you have become already more than a good friend, is quite true. If it should be 
                                  pleasant to you for tonight, I will will try to take - with your help - with her soul 
                                  contact on, this is possible, you know this. I believe the tape recorder voices not 
                                  only,   these are real voices of people who were also real. But by hypnosis you will 
                                  see them then later in her right life, you want this?“

                                                    (again nervously)
                                 „Had held to You both always for two crazy birds, until I could hear that voice on the  
                                  tape recorder myself, she knew things which only she could know, and when it 
                                  positioned itself out, all that was right and no trick was present, no other 
                                  manipulation.... So much I was also shocked and was concerned: Well, what does 
                                  not  act you leaves.“

                                  She got up when Ralf with the coffee cups came and they put to themselves 
                                  everybody to three around the table and everybody dwelled on his thoughts.

                                  Ralf indicated that he was tired and said goodbye, without not making sure whether 
                                  RF him maybe wanted to speak the next days.

                                  RF shook the head and pressed to him thankfully the hand.

                                 „We see ourselves the days, Ralfi.“

                                  When the door had shut behind Ralf, her look walked by the clock: meanwhile 20  

                                  Madleine `s eyes walked quickly through the generous space, got stuck in a very 
                                  comfortable couch which was suitable excellently for the common purpose.

                                 „If I may ask you here over here, big masters. No, seriously: the exercises go best of 
                                  all if, besides, you can lie down, but do not fall asleep?“

                                  He cannot be requested long, lay down, she switched off almost all lights, so that his 
                                  face completely lay in the dark.

                                  She pulled up an as comfortable armchair, bent to him. It did not interest them 
                                  particularly whether he could look at them.

                                 „Exactly listen to me now please. I know that we need no formalities and excessive 
                                  politeness. If I try these exercises with you, only because of that to see whether you 
                                  can be hypnotised or are too tightened for here. I know very well your imagination 
                                  without which you could not form your roles at all and are able still, but here this 
                                  becomes maybe dangerous. If something seems to you funnily or what I cannot fancy 
                                  now at all: you should get fear, I will read it in your face and wake you then, all right?“

                                 „Is fear something what a man may never get according to your opinion?“

                                                    (embarrassingly touched)
                                 „Nevertheless, generally the feeling fear may be inappropriate for a man, or?“

                                 „We want to discuss it what would suit for me or what you do not want to have on  
                                  my face? You forget that I had to play more than once the feeling fear. Why it also 
                                  do not feel sometimes in really?! Lot, so.“

                                  Madleine did not let make a note of her annoyance further, she knew what she 
                                  spoke of, it brought to them both nothing if he an amount of unsightly from the 
                                  subconsciousness scuffle got, as this could happen.

                                 „Quite well, only wanted to prewarn you. I accept, you feel just loose and very much  
                                  relaxed after which you have just fully blethered me? Should you not calm down 
                                  completely and can be relaxing, it brings nothing. I wait - we say sometimes - 2 
                                  minutes, then signal to me please that you have yourself fully in the power and feel 
                                  rest, but no lies.“

                                  RF felt big cheerfulness and already wanted to look at her face, certainly it worked 
                                  like a charming naiad, but, nevertheless, he still concentrated upon complete rest 
                                  which he could ordinarily feel with yoga. When he almost fell asleep, he heard 

                                 „Very nicely and now a great colour of your choice introduces to you, exactly look  
                                  and  looks whether this colour owns a structure. What always you feel with the    
                                  colour:  Warmth, cold or other, everything importantly. Speak with this colour.“

                                  With the last sentence she left the actor completely to his images which came very 

22                                             Dream sequence
                                                        INSIDE - RF `see inner life - EVENING / NIGHT

                                 „It should prove to be true what had feared Madleine. RF had so many unsightly 
                                  edged out sequences in the subconsciousness which had lurked apparently only to 
                                  be  pulled out.“

                                  Madleine had to him leave what he wanted to allow to come up thus in colour. He 
                                  fancied just a heavenly blue when a white light on him zugeschnellt came and got him 
                                  to a place which he had never before seen: Light figures touched him of all sides, then 
                                  a very nice young woman crowded between the male and female transparent beings. 
                                  Like a fairy she worked, almost black hair, her face.
                                  So much he also tried to escape this charming, sad face, he felt her hand in his, 
                                  quietly she said something.
                                  Glow-red became the paradise, he fell deeper and deeper in this dream, but the  
                                  heavenly empire was not yet to an end: he saw himself floating by a golden gate, 
                                  expected again to see something attractive, but this did not seem. Like Odysseus in 
                                  the underworld he saw beside himself, behind himself fields which existed of flames, 
                                  the souls of deads stretched to him her arms begging against, then a castle of black 
                                  marble which insisted from nothing but columns, in every column another figure: 
                                  Hamlet, in the hands dead person's skull, Hades with his mocking and common grin 
                                  in the face, a skeleton clattered from somewhere here to him near, warned: „Do not 
                                  look around too daringly,big artist, you want to experience all fears?“ He saw himself 
                                  nodding, stood suddenly beside himself as very much a young man of 20 years which 
                                  became older, however, very slowly.

                                  And suddenly the soul of the wonderful dark-haired woman appeared again beside 
                                  him, tapped to him on the shoulder.

                                 „I have lost you, before I died, or: actually, I cannot lose you at all, you want to be  
                                  too often with me, is it right?“

                                 „How do you get on?“

                                  He looked round in his both figures, recognised them by her younger face. Thus she 
                                  looked when he was about 6 years old: his mother?

                                  Soul of his mother nodded very sadly.

                                 „Give you a good advice, boy: do not bring on the minds of those dead people from 
                                  whom you imagine, you would be responsible for her death, yes, you see me as your 
                                  very young mother. If I become even younger, in maybe 5-6 years I can look similar
                                  to the soul of a child, here my recollection will also have certainly gone out to you, 
                                  but do not come any more, it hurts me to see suffering you only. Even if the grief is 
                                  only played grief, it breaks to me the heart. Before you ask: yes, also the soul of a
                                  mother who may stay more in the infinite width of the heavenly fields, yes, also that 
                                  can feel grief.“

                                 „If to me something attacked, would I recognise you?“

                                 „Not even remember of putting even an end to your life, only because you would like  
                                  to be with me, you will only meet me in another life, possibly that then we recognise 
                                  each other, this is not sure also, probably lives.“

                                  She touched very softly his hair - that of the younger man as well as the older, 
                                  looked affectionately from on the other hand and disappeared.

                                  Before he did not know any more where he should turn first, woke him Madleine. 
                                  She had been able to observe very well how from his eyes the tears ran without 
                                  respite, he said constantly something, but only incomprehensibly. His face reflected  
                                  only infinite, almost inhuman terror and grief again.

23                                                    INSIDE - SITTING ROOM in RF `s FLAT - NIGHT

                                 „Madleine did not know straight away whether she should say him what she herself 
                                  had seen. Of course she had let out of sight during his dream his face no minute: If it 
                                  is now that the matt light which it swung warily over his face - he did not feel it - to 
                                  her something fluttered before, or.... So much extrasensory was itself to her almost 
                                  too  much: she had seen his face for few moments when he counted about 31 years, 
                                  then the face had retrieved his current appearance, only slightly older what she  
                                  confused very much. Possibly that her overtaxed senses played her one this time 
                                  enchanting prank."






All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 11/03/2009.


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