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Broken dreams 18 or..

“A soul cannot let go”

It became Ralph uncanny expects where was she not then around him? He felt presecuted, knew first not how he could change this state, then, however...
Sgrumie had put down on the requests of Madleine and RF there a constant observer for Ralph if he was to be found somewhere beyond the hotel, at the hotel itself hidden cameras provided almost in every space for security, bath and toilet rooms except. Thus Madleine and RF soon knew the habits of Ralph, he never stayed longer than 3 hours in a space. RF had also searched a distraction for itself: he wandered in the just woodland where Marianne had been found dead, bumped there also into the ominous wall of fog which he, however, further notable, because strange noises did not penetrate from there over here: Giggling, rumble Around, but also those sounds which one could equate by setting off cars, trains, coaches.
Of one of the security forces approached Madleine and Sgrumie, asked for a short entertainment in which he informed, Ralph would not have moved for 5 hours any more from his room. The arranged Madleine and Sgrumie of course immediately to see after him. Now in this time - 14 o'clock if one could trust to the watches - he never lay down, why?
Madleine tried to wake up him, besides, struck her how strange chilly his skin was. ”Now?” asked RF breathlessly which one had also informed.
“He has shot himself, has released, or differently:he has moved himself into hypnosis and who knows what is wrong now with him. Either he has always had an interest in the trip in the last time, then he could hide this very well. But no, how stupidly is from me to think this right, Marianne, I sure, you are responsible for it?!”
While Sgrumie RF considered confused, this was not surprised at all, Madleine anticipated, why Mariannes soul found no peace: either the common longing or just the one-sided longing of the man held them, from to go over interworld to another dimension.

Madleine spoke quite openly further, it made no difference to her quite what thought Sgrumie:

“Marianne, I warns you,
If you do not let go him, a misfortune will fast soon happen
Then you have what you wanted and he is real with you.
The longing which you cannot feel at all
Since the time in the interempire has your senses
On the head put:
What was gentle before and charming
Now it is spiteful, own advantage searches
It has never been for you about him
Also now he does not interest you really
He wanted to be everything for you
One can be only glad that it did not come at all in addition:
It lasts everybody which sees him who is he now
However, you not, you wrong beast
What has landed on the dark side, nevertheless.”

On a wall answer appeared in red and glowing characters Mariannes:

“I do not know, where from you take your wisdom
Voluntarily he looked for me and has also found me
Yes, I asked him, he may go for good
What I can do, he does not want to go back on the other side.
You wandered very much, my love to him was limitless
His it must be also fine
Or would he be, otherwise, here?”

Madleine contradicted:
“If somebody can fast forget
Then it seems to be he, because a living body
Belongs only to him, will soon perish.
If it is worth - your heart asks him and not, because this is long dead
Nevertheless, died prematurely, when only fear you have felt
To love still before him whom you maintain now,-?
If I must ask only my friends,
In the other dimensions - the soul of his mother it will hardly like
If she him sees so prematurely
Without being dead, it is only half a shades
The strength will be soon absent and you have completely lost him.
Release him then and then I am sure
You him really once belovedly.”

Madleine had occurred nothing better and, however, possibly this was only this Right thing: Mariannes soul promised, to half a shade which was with her to order he may leave them, she wants to see him not dying so.
Madleine sent an excuse in that region in thoughts where she knew the soul of the woman whom once his mother had been:

“I am sorry, that I in my fear for him
Also to you has fast thought.
It was not my intention to disturb you in that world
The peace has for everybody which are there,
but Mariannes ill soul
If still a lot of time needs to understand what it did
Thus it could not go on any more.”

The other soul which it had surprised with her supposition announced itself even:

“You have done right, my dear
Also guardian angels sometimes have break,
This is no joke, so nicely it would be.
If I could have prevented that Marianne died
I would have done it, wants to try to help her
Even if the way becomes very stony there,
Have thanks for your love again which you to both sides have distributed
RF will learn it understand with the time.”

Madleine became all over red, she hoped that RF the sense just of those lines which were to be seen this time in blue and garish characters at place by Mariannes text misunderstood and explained to him:

“My companion, that love of which the soul spoke
If she understands only in such a way, I ask you: one can love not all people
This would be uncomfortable and also not at all nice.
My love belongs of course to you alone, you also know it
The distributed love is only symbolic: the world of the souls is so pleasant to me
Since souls were one day people
And if it is after the death: if I can help
If I also help a soul, only the way does not find.”

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 12/08/2009.


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