Meike Schrut

Escape in another time

If the darkness becomes stronger
If you have the feeling
To sink in tiredness and grief.
If I flee currently, it is often in one
Sombre time
Maybe in that which nobody more remembers.
Legends and fairy tales.?
Or as it king Artus gave.
Then would be in played scenes
Queen of the fairy empire or mistress about all elves
You may be furthermore a lord of the dark powers.
We will never meet each other because I do not want it
Since your eyes would be black
To recognise your face hardly.
Would prefer me as to doubt in me
The ravens who accompany me would scare away pigeons
The ravens who sit down on graves
Or cadaver vultures who endure they are there everybody
To me to the pastime.
I drove them before myself, all that murky vermin
The weaves which come from horror fairy tale
Only to direct me in them on?
What a macabre thing.
The knights who rode in former time fighting
One of them a king became, another than Earl into the history came.
One experiences it anew and films can generate boredom fast
I feel them, this is to be endured more badly than loneliness
The always same actions
move not too very much and also
Because it is not truth now.
If one can write events to himself here
If one uses even name
They could surprise only not yourself,
Because that name is like a thought
One can never expel.
You have as experienced the longing hardly as me
It seems
You most sluggishly a mask too often.
You have loved the loneliness sometimes
It seems
It will never again be so much differently...



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 01/03/2010.


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