Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (23)

„A specialist takes revenge“

While the doctors, Ralph, RF and Madleine hoped that not only Mariannes body, but itself also recovers her mind, Sgrumie knew that she let go a former computer specialist and present security expert of her island, but could not anticipate which noteworthiness would follow.

Lars Ivens was this affected person whom one had "delegated" of the mainland once because of an offence which seemed as daily as normally on Sgrumies island. Bored, and with a high IQ blest, he knew before months his real work finishedly and there it was only 12 o'clock of midday. He shelled out the stock market courses in the official PC after and just this had not been seen at all with pleasure.

Then though on Sgrumies island he had of the more often with PC `s contact, but only privately and only if a guest or Sgrumie even his help in the PC requested. One never trusted to him really, he was also valid among later colleagues than very much nail up, revengeful, dishonestly. He had lost his pleasant first post as assistants in the lab because one had to announce him as complete drunk and Sgrumie no better use than security expert had for him, among the rest, he observed as one few people the new guests outside and was also present when the body was rescued by Marianne. What he did not get any more, was as it could be recalled bit by bit to the life. If she still imagined in one of the cooled fields in the forensic medicine department where seldom what was wrong. Sgrumie often offered young student of the mainland to practice in this department and the frozen corpses were sometimes brought at night by one of the last ferries together with students and at most a specialist on her island.

So awkwardly this was also, Sgrumies auxiliary readiness got about on the mainland and she appeared herself often in this sombre department to make to herself a picture and also to lose her aversion if she saw a lifeless body.

Lars had got the news of a mate who had though a worse paid-up job for him, but which absolutely promised promotion prospects. Sgrumies island bored him and whole pointless observing only surely. “Without report you will heavier have it, however acts what you do not leave.” “This becomes I.” Lars smiled mockingly before himself, because he believed to be able to cause trouble to Sgrumie and her guests at least a little: by that commissioner who had appeared once in RF `s flat with strange photos. Even in police circles Lars could come to an agreement meanwhile, while he got to believe in all how full of suspense he would find this work. “There is here a corpse and the circumstances are not solved yet completely.” The man who started to make just a name to himself as a commissioner not necessarily Poirot , but got this mail, at least...

Francis Clark visited in his quality as a leading commissioner his boss, because the thing seemed to him strangely, he did not know, why, actually. Rumour manner 2 actors were on Sgrumies island. What they did there, remained in the darkness concealed. And he also knew how to start with the names RF and Ralph F. something, besides, became to him completely different, almost bad. RF and Madleine? And Madleine always anyhow with the extrasensory in the alliance. Also this time? He indicated to his boss compared with doubt about the truth salary of the mail. And also explained why.“ I know that Marianne and Ralph, RF and Madleine, absolutely integere people what I cannot maintain Lars. His police act goes from deception up to smaller thefts, all in connection with PC work. He has diverted even a bigger sum on his account as he admitted later: from nothing but boredom. And now does he accuse behind reproached hand one of the called people of the murder? Very strangely and improbably.” The boss slowly nodded.

“What many do not know, once Sgrumies island has been a present for them, her admirer, a shah, it did not get to ask Sgrumie in his harem, but he still loves them and is also further ready to fulfil every wish to her. We may annoy neither Sgrumie, nor her guests and only surely not the shah. If guests on Sgrumies are still an island special care is offered. I give you for uncertain time vacation, in this you can investigate how far you can be thrilled to work, to me quite all the same, but this is sometimes opportunity to loaf away the accumulated vacation and if turns out that there is really a corpse, the just work has been. I inform of the worth Sgrumie of her appearance and please them, that to take not too seriously.”

Both men agreed and the astonished Sgrumie or Cathy pointed other this communication on her mobile phone. She had everybody (like she said) superfluous and irritating functions taken out, it was of use for mail and talks. “I know to whom I have to owe this, but Lars does not know that there is no corpse.”

However, Marianne and her more formerly and, more actually, again old friend could not approach to each other because she carried no more feelings in herself. And she said this him also very chilly. For her child? She was surprised at most when she got to know from it, brooded, but did not find out, why she had allowed that she could get this child generally.

Because now Mariannes soul state became clear, Sgrumie used increasingly the security people to guard the child and the nanny even more than before and only so one could intervene in the following....

Marianne sleepwalked and had procured a cord for himself for any reason. With this she shut in the hall purposefully to the room in which the child was accommodated.

Almost silently one of the security people Ralph whispered that it would be now so far, Marianne would do something and only because of that one had substituted for child as well as for the nanny with 2 very real dolls which even moved and gave noises of themselves. Why Ralph? Because he could not imagine that all feelings of Marianne should simply have disappeared like that, but to see them as a murderer still? For hours he had already spent 3 nights in the cosy room, fought with the tears when he looked at 2 movable dolls instead of the people. One had to reach to such means, exceeded almost his mental possibilities. Not to fall asleep, he sat on the chill floor, leant to an as cold wall, until he just got the phone call and now saw how Marianne approached the bigger doll, the cord took and tied this round the neck of the putative woman, moved there and on the break of the cervical vertebras waited. “There nothing will break human, you maniacs!” As from Nothing appeared Madleine which waved to the security men, superfluous-wise, because the first of them pulled Marianne already away and now one knotted to her roughly the arms.

Sgrumie insisted on the fact that Marianne came to the arrest floor, there she was not without a lot. 2 gigantic rooms were available to her: Bath, sleeping area and living area. To eat it was sent her. Now though Marianne was alive, but her mind had apparently suffered.

Differently it was not to be explained that she shouted out loud immediately and bit around herself that one could lock up them only with effort. In the rooms she did not sleepwalk oddly enough then any more what confirmed the suspicion: to know the night wandering supposedly without behind a little bit about it, it was only simulated to avoid the punishment.

And nobody could estimate whether and when Marianne recovered and this made them now dangerously. Ralph swayed between “I feel pushed off by what she wanted to do obviously ” and “I still love them”. Sgrumie made easy it for him also not exactly.

By the fact that he looked younger and felt also by far finer than one day before she could hardly keep up, he went in for enough sports and this was enough the amount of work what undertook Sgrumie in such a way if she wanted to annoy her body. And he felt after few hours of activity in just that floor which one called "project", as anew born and Madleine absolutely struck that he did not file old habits from very early years: he became more lighthearted, more jocularly and not completely the perfectionist from the older time.

And in this a little bit dangerous situation the commissioner appeared. He was no vacationer, could not be overlooked, for it he looked around too curiously, asked here somebody, appeared also with the bungalows which should serve only tourist as a lodging. However, here he did not enquire, he walked only around and also to him the wall of fog struck. Sgrumie asked him to go behind this wall not without company, for him a man of the Security would be put down and on it she would exist. She smiled at the small thick man who was occupied with his glasses nervously between the teeth. “The kitchen is also available to you, day and night, you must keep to no mealtimes, worth commissioner.” This also met him very much.

Ralph omitted to visit it of heavy heart Marianne, she would lay out no value and how one already said him: Marianne can and does not leave one on this island, maybe she would find a way to escape from the arrest, with or without help makes no difference there, but one has already got in touch with sanitariums which would be far away enough to be sure before Marianne...

“Be sure be sure.” In his head these and other words reverberated like an uncanny bell. He agreed tiredly when one presented proposals to him what concerned Mariannes future. Knew itself that one might not love an unfeeling monster and that the common child had to be protected against her. And of course one initiated Franzis Clark. He felt because already really probably with the unusual people that he offered to them of himself from you. However, he found the extrasensory and strange events, for the rest, only strange and believed at most half, was also immediately for the fact that one sent Marianne on the mainland.

“It is the same Marianne whom you have got to know once,” said Ralph in a flat voice and almost without recognizable emotion. “and, nevertheless, she has changed internally. Whether did a healing here in question not come in the arrest floor? I accept, you have exactly belonged my companion? If doctors must find out then in a sanitarium whether Marianne ever reacts again normally or not.” The commissioner saw very well how the events all persons present had made deeply affected.

To take out the strain, he offered: “I am real here to stroll my vacation unofficially from and the thing with the corpse which there is not, fortunately was official because. But because I would like to come out sometimes as a fan of film work: would not be it conceivable to work with?”

Sgrumie discussed this with Ralph, RF, Madleine. Ralph asked for with interest: ”And what did you think thus of? We circumscribe the screenplay specially for you something that you get a text or enough also a short walk by the scenery? This needs some time and, to tell the truth, me am too put under stress at the moment to be able to fancy myself an extra like you seriously....” Madleine smiled pleasedly. “Why not? Dear Ralph, I would have nothing to show to Francis the screenplay. He can have a look in such a way what is already in the box and if he really feels well and should look real, I would be even to write to him a role in.” And she also thought of course: “And that this work is not always light, then he will hopefully also get.“

RF saw confused by Madleine to Ralph who reacted only annoyingly, but when Madleine contradicted him cheerfully, laxly agreed with the reassuring words, one can try it, but first he wants to make up for sleep...

Madleines partner quietly said to her when they were in her room and lay side by side, because the night was over in 5 hours: “Surprise me, how much you control - and only you - Ralph. He hears only on you.” “Sgrumie is a person with Mariannes and my qualities in her kind, he should use the best ones of it for the respect.” She yawned decently, they still loved each other a little, however, passionately and, nevertheless, sometime the sleep had overcome them once more.

Marianne remembered now and again that phase in which her soul which was more feeling fine than her body was free and she got to separate her spiritual part from the body. Thus her soul disappeared again in the area behind the wall from fog, while her lifelessly working body was brought on the next day in a remedial site....


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 01/20/2010.


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