Andy Klemm

Bride of Dusk

I worship thee, my bride of dusk,
Torment me with sweet torture of diabolic lust,
Drown me in thy torrent of orgasmic seduction,
Tease me with temptation, my dead bodies resurrection.
Slither like serpent, thy apple of ecstasy I crave,
Thy wetness I beg for, the warmth of thy grave.
Cherish sinful valleys, spread wide open for me,
Sip thy bodies nectar from that hole to my key.
Lips trembling in anticipation, a prayer to carnal lust
Sink my teeth deep into caves on fluid, combine the lovesick us.
While kisses run down thy breast like shivers down my spine,
Ecstatic sorcery of lust pours out like crimson wine.
Thy breath, my neck, thy body arching towards the sky,
When serpents penetrate thy Eden, dancing on the borderline.
A taste on blood, a sip of dusk, two bodies become one,
While candles flicker on sexual breeze, disgusted by the sun.
Bloodstained marks across my neck, reminders of what we just had,
Consumed by energetic sex, we crave the final kingdom come.
Slumber in my arms, dear bride of dusk, you nymph of darkest nights
My torn and twisted body shall spend shelter to that blissful sight,
Of naked flesh, demonic desire, blaspheming curves arousing me,
For later on, all light has gone, begin again where we had been.
And should I fall asleep before dawn, I beg for you to wake me up,
For on more time celebrate that lust, coffins close and time would stop
Once the sun is on the reign, that magic would never be the same,
Who´s to blame, no need for shame, addicted to that lovers game.
Die in your embrace, that sinful taste, my only wish of grace,
Once you first made love to me, I became your devoted slave.
So let me in, once more I beg, open wide them gates to pleasant hell,
Soft, warm folds, brave and bold discover secrets they´ll never tell.

Spit on the face of God
While we like lovers rot
In sodomy and ecstasy
On sex and dusk and blood……..


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andy Klemm.
Published on on 01/03/2011.


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