Amyutza Naulea

Zurly-Burly planet

Have you ever been on Zurly-Burly planet??It is a strange place on the Pudding Way, where the people called zurlyburlynys have 6 arms 2 legs and 1 eye.All the girls are purple and the boys are blue.
The plants are very colorful.The red ones help zurlyburlynys to seebackword in the past and the green ones help them to see forword in the future.There isn't water.The zurlyburlynys drinck flower nectar and the flowers are fed by songs
Here the Puffalo(the cutest animals) are the worst creatures ever seen in this universe.If they look cute their bite is mortal.
The pets are on Zurly-Burly worms,and snails.
                            Try to visit zurlyburlynys people because they are friendly...but remember be awer of Puffalossmiley


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Amyutza Naulea.
Published on on 02/21/2012.


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