Dorsey Baker

InVitation Accepted

Marie is invited to a private"Womens' Only" party, its a party she plans to attend.
Why is she cutting her hair?!  Its so short, she looks just like a boy!
Why is she putting on  so much make-up?!
Imagine a boy with tons of make-up on!
Why is she sliding into her tightest fitting jeans?!
Jeans she hopes she can slide out of when the time comes!
She is spraying her whole body with her most intoxicating perfume!

Marie is trying to make sure she looks really good and smell really good!

She is closely watching the time.  The time seems to be moving faster
than ever!

Marie is trying to calm her nerves!

Checking her appearance in her mirror, trying to confirm that she looks her best!
Confidence is now fully intact.  She walks out of her front door.

Why is she attending this private"Womens" Only " party?
She is trying to find herself a mate!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Dorsey Baker.
Published on on 07/22/2012.


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