Patrick Rabe

Personal problems on a global screen


Mrs. Played Safe was afraid to fuck,

she packed her suitcase, said, „I wo’nt come back.“

But then she realized, her need to fuck, it was still there,

so she escaped as a spider and returned as a hare.


Mr. Wanna Fuck, then he came to town,

he saw the animals, and he shot ´em down.

Then he sat on his porch, drank a glass of Cider,

said: „My baby has turned in a rotten spider!“


Mrs. Ontheflight, she came back to him,

tried it as a Goldfish, but she could’nt swim,

at least she came as a human being,

and then they found each other, just by nomal seeing.


And he sighed and said: „Did’nt I told you that?

You would like it, when I lay you on the mat.“

„Yes!“, she answered, „And when I sneeze,

It’s the memory to a chinese.“


„Did you had it with him?“,he asked.

„I would have liked to, but when I tasked,

he sucked me into a supervulva

and poisened me with german „washingpulver“.


„Ah.“, did he say, „You little escaper,

you ran from me, and you found your raper.

When you were an animal, I turned over,

what happened, I saw as a supernova.“


And then Mr. Wanna Fuck fucked Mrs. Played Safe,

they put all their memories into a straight safe,

and the killed all Japanese, Indonese and Chinese,

and now it’s only a simple cold, when they sneeze.





© by Patrick Rabe, 30. Juli 2020, Hamburg.



The first two lines are a hommage to „Ironic“ by Alanis Morrisette.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Patrick Rabe.
Published on on 07/30/2020.


The author


Book by Patrick Rabe:


Gottes Zelt: Glaubens- und Liebesgedichte von Patrick Rabe

Die Glaubens-und Liebesgedichte von Patrick Rabe sind mutig, innig, streitbar, vertrauens- und humorvoll, sie klammern auch Zweifel, Anfechtungen und Prüfungen nicht aus, stellen manchmal gewohnte Glaubensmuster auf den Kopf und eröffnen dem Leser den weiten Raum Gottes. Tief und kathartisch sind seine Gedichte von Tod und seelischer Wiederauferstehung, es finden sich Poeme der Suche, des Trostes, der Klage und der Freude. Abgerundet wird das Buch von einigen ungewöhnlichen theologischen Betrachtungen. Kein Happy-Clappy-Lobpreis, sondern ein Buch mit Ecken und Kanten, das einen Blick aufs Christentum eröffnet, der fern konservativer Traditionen liegt.

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