Joseph Trance

True identity

"Make a fist,". He says.
 I do.

" Now, you see the bridge of his nose? "

 "Punch it.  Break it.  Punch as hard as you can as though your life depended on it."
" Ok. "

I look at the frail body before me.  Eighty-three years old. Wrinkled and and sagging, tied to the chair. His eyes are old and he is going blind.

"Please don't.   Plleeeeease... " He whimpers.
I hesitate.
"What are you waiting for?"  Sensi says.

 " Isn't there another way? " I plead. I take my eyes off this frail old man and look at my teacher.

 "No!  There isn't .  They have all kinds of traps.  They lull you into this 
 false sense of security with their needs and situations , and then they use your caring and soft heart to turn against you.  They disguise themselves as fragile babies, or homeless, destitute, poor and discarded. They feign sickness and being
lost, but they are not.  They are truly master's of disguise.  And the only
purpose they have, their only true agenda is to distract you."

" But how can they appear like this.  How can they pull on the heart strings, and make us feel for them? And distract what? "

 "From your true mission of getting rid of them. They are made to take your time and energy and your heart.  They are made for you to feel for them, care about them and help them.  They are made to rob you of your destiny as WARRIOR and change your identity."

But I don't believe it.  I turn my eyes back into my captive.  And then I see it.  The smile, the curve of the lips into a sneer. His eyes are bright and for  an instsnt, the sagging skin slips down, and I see the warts and
crawling bugs that are underneath.

I cannot control what happens next.  My hands become fists and they attack.  I pummel his face and sagging body.  I beat him and his skin breaks.  The bugs rush down his blood soaked frame.  And there is a screech a scream that emerges that is unholy.

I knock down his chair and he withers up.  His body ignites and there is a release of sulfur as this body burns away.
I don't cry.  I am not sad.  I have no pity for him.  There is only victory.
There is a peace, for I have seen the Truth.  I am connected to my purpose.  




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 10/08/2022.


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