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Nightwalk - A Ghoulish Tour (Supernatural Horror)

A Ghoulish Night-walk


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The English translation was written to become a submission at - Problem is: I don’t know, if all my submissions were rejected, or if technical problems made my submissions never reach the website team.




“Memory says, `I did that!´. Pride replies, `I could not have done that!´. Eventually, memory yields (surrenders)!” Quote from Friederich Nietzsche.  



The story begins:




Bianca awoke due to some painful rubbing of her back and head. Severe headaches accompanied the numbness of her body, which still defied her mental commands. It was nighttime, and she lay on her back, for she could see the nightly sky.




Despite her still blurry vision: Bianca was certain that she could hear urban traffic noise and that her view of the nightly sky occasionally was impaired by street lanterns temporarily blinding her.




Panic surged through her central nervous system, but the worst to her was: That Bianca had zero memories of the last hours in her life. Nothing!








What Bianca, earlier, had mistaken for muscle spasms turned out to be pulls. Someone was dragging her across the ground by gripping her legs.




Bianca braved a look down to her legs. A hand, no, a claw held her right leg in an iron grip and pulled her forward again.




She bit her lips, suppressing her nervousness, and tried to contemplate her situation.




Another pull forward.




The claw was sinewy and pale. The arm attached to that claw also shared these characteristics.




 `The odor!´, shot a thought through her scrambled mind.




A ghoul. A corpse-feaster. A monster.




Another pull forward.




Bianca grew desperate enough to consider a prayer to God.




The sound of cloth rubbing on cloth somehow reached her ears.




Bianca had a saving idea: Her stun gun in disguise of a lipstick!




Nimbly, she fingered the small defense tool out of her hidden pocket.




Another rustling of cloth. Did someone change the outfit?




And, another pull forward.




Bianca’s right hand wandered into her jacket. The cell-phone!




`Dead. The phone did not even have light left.´




Another pull forward.




`Princess, you’ll stop bitching now and holster your effing stun guns!´




The ghoul was talking to her! And, he was fully dressed now.




Bianca realized that her phone was not dead, it was her second stun gun, disguised as a mobile phone.




`Where are you dragging me?´, she asked with all the courage she could muster. Of course, without sheathing her stun guns.




`To the hospital. Your cameraman lost it and attacked you during the recent session. Luckily, we still need you to lure new victims.´




Bianca Scary, of the podcast Night Terrors & Hellfire. Also as a stream on Twitch. Haunted houses, graveyards, lonely places with mystical backstories. - Her memories were finally coming back.




Even the memories of drug addicts, superstitious folks, and esoteric geeks literally sacrificed to further Bianca’s career returned. Again, and again. For two years by now, one episode per week.




But, all Bianca really heard that moment was what the disguised ghoul told the medic: `Her Ex had attacked her at the workplace, her medical care will be fully covered.´









Since I keep a proverbial leash on pestering with `Gimme money, feed my Patreon & such´; I focus the
stories, as I want to finish them in one `creative rush or flow´. That means: I invent the idea, albeit
I am not any more innovative than other authors, then I write it, and last I run it thru proofreading word
by word, sentence by sentence. Believe it, or not: Even this mini-story did waste around 4 hours of my
lifetime to get it online.

On all my unpaid works: Working with critics & beta-readers is EXCLUDED. With no money made, I have
no reason to deliver professional works.

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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andre M. Pietroschek.
Published on on 09/19/2023.


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