Rolph David

In Tyrants' Grip - A Vague Hope?

In lands where power holds its sway,
Tyrants rise, they have their day,
With iron fists and hearts of stone,
They claim to rule, but stand alone.

Putin, in the Kremlin's might,
Suppressing voices, day and night,
His grip on Russia firm and cold,
A tyrant's tale, oftentimes told.

Xi Jinping, China's steadfast guide,
Silencing those who dare to chide,
In shadows, dissidents must hide,
While tyranny flows like a surging tide.

In Syria, where chaos reigns,
Assad's cruelty leaves no chains,
A despot in a war-torn land,
With blood-soaked hands and iron hand.

Jong-un, North Korea's reclusive heir,
A dynasty of fear and despair,
In the Hermit Kingdom, he does rule,
His people's lives, his twisted tool.

Erdogan in Turkey's ancient land,
A democratically elected hand,
But power wielded without restraint,
Leaves many yearning to break their chains.

Lukashenko in Belarus, a name of shame,
Clings to power, ignoring the flame,
Of those who seek freedom's embrace,
In the face of tyranny's cold, dark face.

These tyrants' reigns may seem secure,
But the people's hearts, they can't obscure,
For in the end, the human spirit thrives,
And from the depths of oppression, it derives.

A world that yearns for justice and peace,
Where tyrants' power someday will cease,
In unity, we'll stand and say,
Tyranny will not have its way.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 10/18/2023.


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