Andre M. Pietroschek

Pat Reon, Kickstar Police Department

Pat Reon, Kickstar Police Department
© Andre M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

So, Detective Patricia Reon of the Kickstar P.D. 
Wanted to set her partner, Harry Twitch, free!
For only beat cops patrolled through each hood,
while the truth of it is harshly ever understood.

A crime that shocked the entire establishment,
so made mighty ones enforce a discouragement!
Those villains now must be overcome and undone,
as else political money-ripoff ain't no more fun.

Stream media had celebrated each resolved case,
& rubbed the painful truth into every losers face.
Henceforth, president Yahoo & pope Google, too:
Could not afford to not be part of the job to do! 

With that facebook killer arrested by her hands,
Pat Reon as prime choice on such Justice Bends.
Memories arose about last years hashtag-stalker,
who had been quite a popular `Whats App´ talker!

The Twitter Times dared to doubt the legitimacy,
hence it had to be foul played to bend the knee!
This shocking crime allowed desperate measures,
as we all feared for our cheat-gained treasures.

What then could this fiercest crime turn out to be?
That it so threatens the rich, the poor, you and me.
Zero good in holding back any longer on info dishing:
It's others outmatching our very own fame-phishing!

Spontaneous writing of poetry is like doing workouts, we all must find out what it takes and what is too
much, or too negligent. The real problem: Format in my word processor and format in the e-stories text box
are not the same, so manual adaptations & corrections are part of the procedure. Or, in my words: Another
private detective on the Improvisation Lane case. ;-)
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andre M. Pietroschek.
Published on on 11/02/2023.


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