Andre M. Pietroschek

The Hierophant of Unspeakable Evil (Poetic Rap)

The Hierophant of Unspeakable Evil
© Andre Michael Pietroschek (Contemporary, German, Hobby Author), all rights reserved
*** Experimental, AI-supported poetry***

Disclaimer: No warranties! 

Verse 1:
Listen up y'all, I'm 'bout to tell a tale!
'Bout a creature so evil, it'll make you pale.
Cthulhu's his name, a Lovecraftian Horror.
He'll have you screaming, begging for your savior!

Born from the depths of the ocean's abyss;
He's got tentacles for days, you can't resist.
A vile deity of chaos, worshipped by all.
But his reign of terror, we can't let it fall!

Cthulhu, Hierophant of the Lovecraftian Horror:
His power, wits, and wrath, we can't simply ignore!
He'll drive us to madness, make us lose our minds.
But we'll fight against him, until the end of times!

Verse 2:
His eyes are like fire, so burning with hate.
His presence alone, it may seal our species' fate!
He'll manipulate your thoughts, twist them all around;
And when he's done with you, you'll be left to drown!

His followers, a cult of insanity:
They'll do his bidding without any humanity!
But, we'll stand strong, united as one;
Against this terror, we won't be undone!

Cthulhu, Hierophant of the Lovecraftian Horror:
His power and wrath, we can't simply ignore.
He'll drive you to madness, make you lose your mind!
But we'll fight against him, no friend is just left behind.

Verse 3:
Some say he's just a nightmare, a figment of our fears:
But those who've seen him, they're still shaking in tears!
He's waiting for the day, when he'll be rising again;
And sworn to bring destruction, to all mortal men!

But, we won't just give in, we'll never back down!
We'll keep on fighting, until his funeral is done!
Cthulhu may be powerful, but so are you and me;
Together we'll defeat him, just persevere and see!

Cthulhu, Hierophant of the Lovecraftian Horror:
His unleashed minions charge right through a door.
Devouring us mortals is to him not even a crime,
But we'll fight against him, until the end of time!

So, when you hear his name, just remember this rap:
We won't let Cthulhu lure us into his evil, alien trap!
Unspeakable Horror, is what we will never ever fear;
'Cause together we're strong, and we'll always be here.

Even among the cheaper sales, there are AI offers that make `writing & publishing´ a lost cause. I have no
market for standard dishes any machine can come up with.

As a skill challenge, spicing up the raw skeleton of an AI story, so to make it a `more worthwhile´ reading, it
can be fun. It also saves a lot of time, but leaves a bland aftertaste, as it is anti-creative and dull.

`Luckily, many of my readers said similar, or worse, about the stories I wrote.´ ;-)
Authors comment

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andre M. Pietroschek.
Published on on 02/10/2024.


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