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The Dragon-Robber - A Lizardman Rogue Tale

The Dragon-Robber - A Lizardman Rogue Tale
© Andre Michael Pietroschek, all rights reserved



Inspired by watching our host 'Sparkykawa' live-playing Dark and Darker, a 3D Multiplayer game inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. 

You can check out his channel at:

Disclaimer: No warranties. This is a work of fiction. Names, places, allegories, institutions, and happenings are fictional, or explicitly used fictitiously!




Trigger warnings:

Glorified criminals (rogues are a playable character class)
Dragonslayer Incidents
Zero princesses devoured or married!
Only written in the style of a mini-fairy tale.
Flash Fiction extended on proofreader's demands!
Mature theme and language.
Bisexuality mentioned!


The tale, as told:

The sun was setting over the rugged mountains, casting a warm orange glow over the vast wilderness. In the heart of this untamed landscape, a humanoid figure could be seen making its way through the thick underbrush. Unbeknownst to the world: This was no ordinary traveler, but a lizardman rogue named Shorak Nimbletail.

Shorak Nimbletail, a former black cloak rank member of the thieves guild. A rogue for contractual hire, a lover of ladies and gentlemen, and a passionate adventurer with a degree of care about his tribal people left in his villainous, black heart. And, hidden shame it was, a lizardman cast out of his tribe, as he was not strong enough for the hunter duty all males had to fulfill. The failed rite of passage that made him an outcast with only desperate measures left.      

Shorak Nimbletail was an experienced adventurer, no longer just a tribal outcast and desperate alley criminal, known for his cunning and stealth in the world of dungeons and dragons. He had heard rumors of a dangerous dungeon hidden deep within the mountains, filled with treasures beyond imagination. And being the daring and charming rogue that he was, Shorak Nimbletail couldn't resist the temptation of such a challenge. In it for the money and the reputation. 

With the stereotypical rogues' grin on his face, a dangerous but inevitable habit of the profession, Shorak Nimbletail made his way towards the entrance of the dungeon. The entrance was hidden behind a massive boulder, which Shorak Nimbletail easily moved aside due to the skilled leverage applied. As he stepped inside, the air grew thick and damp, the smell of decay and danger looming all around him.

But Shorak Nimbletail was not afraid. He was a seasoned adventurer and had faced many dangers before. Armed with two pistol crossbows, the bolts poisoned, and an array of slim throwing knives, plus his trusty, enchanted daggers at his side, he cautiously made his way deeper into the dark dungeon. His left hand rested on the hilt of 'Vampyra', a life-draining dagger of armor piercing. His right hand rested on the hilt of 'Venerath', a dagger of lighting +3. 

As he explored the winding corridors and dark chambers, Shorak Nimbletail's sharp lizard eyes spotted hidden traps and secret doors. He expertly dodged the pitfall traps, disarmed the lava splash traps, and evaded the poisoned bolts traps. He also unlocked the doors, stealthily avoiding the hobgoblin denizens, while collecting valuable loot and treasure along the way. But the real challenge was yet to come.

Shorak Nimbletail soon reached a large chamber, wherein a fearsome dragon guarded a massive treasure hoard. The dragon roared, spewing flames in Shorak Nimbletail's direction. But the lizardman rogue was not one to back down from a challenge. With his quick reflexes and agility, he dodged the flames and launched a surprise attack on the dragon.

The battle was intense, with the dragon's massive claws and fiery breath posing a serious threat to Shorak Nimbletail. Shorak even had to make use of the wizard scrolls he learned to activate without an incantation. But, the rogue was determined to claim the treasure, and with his skill and cunning, he managed to finally defeat the dragon and claim the treasure as his own.

Exhausted but victorious, Shorak Nimbletail emerged from the dungeon, his pockets filled with gold and his heart filled with pride. He had once again proven himself as a skilled adventurer, and the treasure he had acquired would allow him to found a rogues' guild and make bards spread his notoriety throughout the land. Shorak knew that the shamans and witches of his tribe would know of this pseudo-hunt due to their divination magic. Still, the hunters of his tribe had cast him out for not doing it the traditional way, their way. 

Shorak Nimbletail invested a fortnight full of efforts to make several bards spread the tale in exactly the ways Shorak Nimbletail would benefit from, and with some caution to ensure that neither the nobility nor the paladin unleashing clergy would be able to gather any discomforting details or truisms from it. Shorak also did not let himself get called dragonslayer, as the professional envy of that ilk would mean he would have to evade or neutralize several brutes trying to get their hands on the hoard AND steal Shorak's reputation.

The dice of fate rolling, Shorak Nimbletail was thereafter known as the fearless lizardman rogue, who had dared to venture into the dangerous dungeon and emerged victorious. And though he faced many more challenges in his adventures and misadventures, none could compare to the thrill and glory of his greatest dungeon adventure so far.

His heart, still scarred from love affairs and being cast out by the only family he ever had, learned to rejoice again. While aware that his pride stemmed from having to live with that, Shorak Nimbletail prospered on the path of being the lesser of two evils and went on. Taverns, prostitutes, routine jobs for the guild, his first adventurous leadership challenges: It wasn't all bad, really not. 

The end!



I am not talking sales, when reminding:

I tested the mini-story ideas, since the Maxime 'show, don't tell!' is in the writers life equation.

A handful of such min-stories allow much to depict life in a fantasy realm, or typical characters of the
area, and they also fit my unpaid efforts suck mindset.

Remember, I am NOT paid as an author, and my Youtube channel is NOT monetized either. ;-)

Authors comment

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andre M. Pietroschek.
Published on on 02/16/2024.


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