Poems Marriage and Relationships (english)

Title Author:
A babe and a breedVolodymyr Knyr
A damsel in distressVolodymyr Knyr
A female figureVolodymyr Knyr
A fere and a sphereVolodymyr Knyr
A heifer and a bull calfVolodymyr Knyr
A man and a witchVolodymyr Knyr
A mollVolodymyr Knyr
A palmVolodymyr Knyr
A proper timeVolodymyr Knyr
A queen and a queanVolodymyr Knyr
A sex extremeVolodymyr Knyr
A vanity fairVolodymyr Knyr
A(n af)fairVolodymyr Knyr
An assacheVolodymyr Knyr
An itchVolodymyr Knyr
Com Pat AbilityDorsey Baker
Communication by touchVolodymyr Knyr
Delayed GratificationSue Honig
Desperte de NuevoFortunato Maycotte
ExtraveilsVolodymyr Knyr
FAMILYJens Marquard
Hellway downSusanne Bruschke
IN MY DREAMJoshua Akinwande
Left here without youJule Valentin
MarriageIrene Beddies
MissesVolodymyr Knyr
MistakeWendy C. Barton
My Mandolin LoveSusanne Waldbrunner
My words to youLunise St-Pierre
nauseaRebecca Harris
New HomeIrene Beddies
Old jakVolodymyr Knyr
Our TreeAriane Hofmann
PapillionSonja Nic Rafferty
Tell me how to breathMJ Hamilton
The breast and the restVolodymyr Knyr
The grasp and the gaspVolodymyr Knyr
The Marriage ContractPeter Grädel
The Moment of Truth in Love and PainKim Haslam
The oldsVolodymyr Knyr
The poorVolodymyr Knyr
Theophania and the flesh failures Part 1 and 2Patrick Rabe
TouchSue Honig
Wedding Song (with german translation/ mit dt. Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
What changed?Larissa Lamadé
Where do we go from here?Ursula Brieke-Brinkmann
Who´s that who?Sven Eisenberger