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Welcome to our captivating universe of amateur literature, where you can explore an endless array of stories and poems that will take you on an unforgettable journey through the creativity of writers from all over the world.

Our website is a sanctuary of words, a virtual library filled with unpublished, exciting tales and deep, touching poems from talented authors. Here, each page is an invitation to immerse yourself in their unique universe, filled with passion, imagination, and emotion.

From thrilling adventure stories, to delicate love poems, from dark mystery tales, to stirring life stories, our site is a rainbow of literary experiences designed to capture your heart and feed your mind.

Here provide a list of our esteemed authors, the creative minds behind each work, who transform their dreams, thoughts, and emotions into words, making our website a solid forum of expression.

Enjoy the journey as you read, discover new inspirations, and perhaps awaken the writer within. We await you in our vibrant world of stories. Let the power of words move and inspire you!

Our authors (First name starts with... "P")

Pablo AlvarezPablo Armas Brito
Pablo BegniniPablo Gomez
Pablo SánchezPablo Venedig
Pablo VenturaPamela Eiden
Pamela HehnPamela Linden
Pamela PradtPamela Rau
Pamela VidalPan Karajorg
Paraschiva GrebeneaParis Bijou
Parker AllenParrish Broadnax II
Pascal AshunPascal Kreuzberger
Pascal LetmathePascal Liedl
Pascal OthonPascal Triaire
Pascal TrögerPascal Urech
Pascal ValletPascal von der Weiden
Pascale FehrPat Ruefer
Patrice FaubertPatricia Becker
Patricia GarciaPatricia Kirschbaum
Patrícia LopesPatricia López González
Patricia Mendoza BalladaresPatricia Pacheco Dominguez
Patricia RaddaPatricia Welsh
Patrick BarberiPatrick Berger
Patrick BergerPatrick Betzin
Patrick BümmerstedePatrick Cabras
Patrick CamuPatrick de Ploufer
Patrick DuquocPatrick Engelke
Patrick FinkbeinerPatrick Frömberg
Patrick GappmaierPatrick Gappmaier
Patrick GotthardtPatrick Hainzl
Patrick HamannPatrick Hensel
Patrick IlmPatrick Klein-Selig
Patrick KraftPatrick Kraus
Patrick KrusePatrick Kunz
Patrick L.Patrick Lang
Patrick NeubauerPatrick o´Connor
Patrick RabePatrick Richter
Patrick SchildPatrick Schleicher
Patrick SchmitPatrick Schott
Patrick Schulte-AustumPatrick Schwanna
Patrick SchönPatrick Sheridan (Übersetzer Uwe David
Patrick SommerPatrick Steinig
Patrick TatarPatrick Tzschanter
Patrick Von Guten MoorePatrick Vrastil
Patrick WagnerPatrick Werner
Patrick ZappePatrick Zenker
Patrick ZieglerPatrik Baumrock
Patrik MüllerPatriZia Becker
Patrizia BeckerPatrizia C.M. Schröder
Patrizia KuklokPat´on Castillo Rinaldi
Pau Bosch MolaPaul Berger
Paul BookingPaul Daniel
Paul DukePaul Gammer
Paul GrünewaldPaul H. Jansen
Paul HägelePaul Kehren
Paul MalowPaul Möller
Paul PauliPaul Pistole
Paul PrinzPaul Rehle
Paul RiedelPaul Ritz Danckovic
Paul RogowskiPaul Rudolf Uhl
Paul SommerPaul Stawowiak
Paul StielmannPaul Stock
Paul TheobaldPaul Walter
Paul ZebischPaula Canales
Paula DragovicPaula Grint Grint
Paula SimonPaula Vallejos
Paula WittmannPaulin Perduglé
Paulina BojanowskaPaulina Hengstberger
Paulina LuquePauline Kussmann
Pauline ZimmermannPaulis Krovecs
Paulo CorreiaPavel Girard
Pavel HulkaPavel Nemec
Pawel MarkiewiczPedro Luna
Pedro Luna CreoPedro Merino Soto
Pedro RodriguezPedro Santos
Pedro WilkensPeggy Borchardt
Peggy LehmannPeggy PC Lee
Peggy RöhrPeggy Öttner
Pei XuPempe Tutak
Pepe Ortiz BenaventPepukai Porter
Percy DlaminiPero Mijatovic
Pet KochPeter Ahlhorn
Peter Alexander LutzePeter Asige
Peter BarkerPeter Bebermeier
Peter BiastochPeter Blocker
Peter BobischPeter Bär
Peter BärPeter Böhme
Peter DavinPeter Deutschmann
Peter DonnellyPeter Dürbaum
Peter EckertPeter Egly
Peter EllmerPeter Engemaier
Peter ErbarthPeter Froese
Peter FunkPeter G. Galda
Peter GoßPeter Grädel
Peter GutschePeter Göbel
Peter HamacherPeter Hasslinger
Peter HeiklichPeter Heinrichs
Peter HochapfelPeter Höft
Peter J. MüllerPeter Jung
Peter KaimerPeter Kapitza-Erchadi
Peter KappenbergPeter Kempski
Peter KennedyPeter Koselleck
Peter KropidlowskiPeter Kröger
Peter KurkaPeter Kusche
Peter KöllischPeter Köpke
Peter LohmeierPeter Mack
Peter MaurerPeter Mitterdorfer
Peter MooshoferPeter Mothes
Peter MüllerPeter Müller
Peter NeumerPeter Neveling
Peter NimtschPeter Noel
Peter P. EcocPeter Perlofert
Peter PolzPeter Pretscher
Peter PriorPeter Rieprich
Peter RitterPeter Ruiz Neumann
Peter RuppelPeter Schellenberg
Peter SchlangenbaderPeter Schlitz
Peter SchuhmannPeter Schultheis
Peter SchumannPeter Schönau
Peter SchönherrPeter Somma
Peter SonnenfeldPeter Sparenborg
Peter SpeilPeter Spiegelbauer
Peter SplittPeter Stefan
Peter SteinerPeter Strom
Peter SüssenbachPeter Szneckneck
Peter TönnissenPeter Valentin
Peter von FinckensteinPeter Vyskovsky
Peter W. KremerPeter Wagner
Peter WagnerPeter Weiss alias PHRENOPHIL
Peter WeißPeter Wilmersdorf
Peter WolfPeter Woznieck
Peter WrollingPeter Zimmermann
Peter-Henrik BalazsPeter-Xaver Lübke
Peter. Paul. Frances BürschelPetra A. Jung
Petra B.Petra Bogner
Petra BäuchlePetra D.
Petra EggertPetra Ewering
Petra FrenzelPetra Friedel
Petra G.Petra Gerhardt
Petra GerlachPetra Gies
Petra GittnerPetra Grunden
Petra GürtlerPetra Harris
Petra HartmannPetra Heinze
Petra HentschelPetra Herzog
Petra KazjanowPetra Klinkenberg
Petra KlostermannPetra Kornmeier
Petra MandelPetra Maria Merklin
Petra Martínez BurgosPetra Mionso-Bendig
Petra MönterPetra P. Geiger
Petra PepskiPetra Rügner Koch
Petra SchmidtPetra Schneider
Petra SchoberPetra Schulte
Petra SchulzPetra Schwarz
Petra SchöngarthPetra Seifer
Petra SpachmannPetra Splettstößer
Petra ThoméPetra Virbinskis
Petra von BreitenbachPetra Wageneder
Petra WilbergPetra Wilhelmi
Petra WolterPetra Zax
Petra Zeugner-SchünkePetra-Maria Kodshabaschew
Petrina RenkPetronella Steevensz
Petrus AkkordeonPetya Ivanov
PG SchankPhil Bernstein
Philip BatemanPhilip Fuchs
Philip M.Philip Maitz
Philip NelsonPhilip Neumann
Philip WhitfieldPhilipp Strompen
Philipp BetzPhilipp Bollmann
Philipp DorobantuPhilipp Elsäßer
Philipp FerreiraPhilipp Forster
Philipp HallenPhilipp Hummer
Philipp KuschePhilipp Küper
Philipp KämperPhilipp Lieder
Philipp MayrPhilipp Menner
Philipp MerxPhilipp Moisel
Philipp MoiselPhilipp Pottbacker
Philipp S.Philipp Schneider
Philipp SchumacherPhilipp Stubbe
Philipp von AllmenPhilipp Weingardt
Philipp WolfesPhilipp Ziegler
Philippe MajeresPhillip Schlink
Phillip SkowronekPhillip Weyerstall
Philo DelavidaPhilomena Capricorn
Philomenka .Pia Bateham
Pia De PinedaPia Jelinek
Pia KullaPia Rosenberg
Pia RöntgenPia Schröder
Pia WalterPierre Burmeister
Pierre GriesePierre Heinen
Pierre LièvrePierre Muillé
Pierre Sanoussi-BlissPierre Sens
Pierre-André HentzienPieter Kunstreich
Pilar Ana Tolosana ArtolaPilar Barro
Pilar Perez RemiroPiotr Sypniewski
Pit StaubPlácido Cortés
PMK .Polina Bessange
Pradip GorePrecious Mokwena
Predrag TrupeljakPrince Davies
Priscila MoreiraPriska Baechtold
Pura Maria GarciaPurushottam Talukdar

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