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Welcome to our captivating universe of amateur literature, where you can explore an endless array of stories and poems that will take you on an unforgettable journey through the creativity of writers from all over the world.

Our website is a sanctuary of words, a virtual library filled with unpublished, exciting tales and deep, touching poems from talented authors. Here, each page is an invitation to immerse yourself in their unique universe, filled with passion, imagination, and emotion.

From thrilling adventure stories, to delicate love poems, from dark mystery tales, to stirring life stories, our site is a rainbow of literary experiences designed to capture your heart and feed your mind.

Here provide a list of our esteemed authors, the creative minds behind each work, who transform their dreams, thoughts, and emotions into words, making our website a solid forum of expression.

Enjoy the journey as you read, discover new inspirations, and perhaps awaken the writer within. We await you in our vibrant world of stories. Let the power of words move and inspire you!

Our authors (First name starts with... "W")

W.F. S.W.P. Beseler
Walburga LindlWalburga Marczinkowsky
Waldemar BreidenbachWalerij Unger
Wally SchmidtWalter Auszra
Walter BaaderWalter Colling
Walter DierauerWalter F. Herz
Walter GüntherWalter Hofer
Walter L. BuderWalter Mund
Walter NowakWalter O. Mathois
Walter RaaschWalter Schäfer
Walter Sergio Del NeroWalter Strasser
Waltraud B.Waltraud Dechantsreiter
Waltraud LöchelWaltraud Rheinschmidt
Waltraud SchlimmWaltraud Wickinghoff
Wang AllWatsi Scheurig
Wayn HabichtWayne Spitzer
Wencke Vogt-ZeislerWendy C. Barton
Wendy FarfanWenzel Jacke
Werner AmonWerner Dehnen
Werner Don BalmerWerner Döring
Werner FickWerner Gosdzick
Werner GschwandtnerWerner Hankel
Werner HappeWerner Harke
Werner HeemannWerner Hillebrand
Werner KastensWerner Kemper
Werner KistlerWerner Leder
Werner MalkowskiWerner Matner
Werner Michael FiskWerner Müller
Werner PfellingWerner Schrock
Werner SchwertnerWerner von Malkowski
Werner WadepuhlWerner Warnecke
Weronika MackowiakWesley Larsson
Wesley SchulteWibke Jacob
Wiebke BöhmWiebke Kinsky
Wiebke ReinekeWiebke Theis
Wil van BommelWilfried B. Striebe
Wilfried BößWilfried Claus
Wilfried HeiseWilfried Kuhse
Wilfried KuhseWilhelm Bachler
Wilhelm BraischWilhelm Brenner
Wilhelm DomandlWilhelm Fink
Wilhelm FroschmannWilhelm Pfeistlinger
Wilhelm VischerWilhelm Westerkamp
Wilhelm WiltsWill i am
Will S. MüllerWilli Luttenberger
Willi NowackWilli Wrubel
William GloverWilliam Harris
William Octavio Chaves CastañedaWilliam Trabi
William VaudrainWilly Nietsch
Willy ObermeyerWilma Eudenbach
Wiltrud MothesWim Schulz
Winfried DausWinfried Hau
Winfried HausWinfried Müller
Winfried VolkmannWinfried Werner Sperlich
Wojciech Stanislaw GutowskiWolf Freitag
Wolf-Alexander MelhornWolf-Dieter Anton
Wolf-Rüdiger GuthmannWolfgang Appell
Wolfgang BauchWolfgang Bornemann
Wolfgang BässlerWolfgang Endler
Wolfgang ErbrothWolfgang Florian Berger
Wolfgang GebhardtWolfgang Heeren
Wolfgang HeidschuchWolfgang Hengstmann
Wolfgang HermsenWolfgang Heß
Wolfgang HoorWolfgang Ilg
Wolfgang JahnkeWolfgang Jahnke
Wolfgang KüssnerWolfgang L. Mayr
Wolfgang LetzWolfgang Luley
Wolfgang LuttermannWolfgang Löffler
Wolfgang LörzerWolfgang Meiser
Wolfgang NeuhuberWolfgang Ranft
Wolfgang RöthigWolfgang Schachtner
Wolfgang SchaecherWolfgang Scheibert
Wolfgang SchmitkeWolfgang Scholmanns
Wolfgang SchulzeWolfgang Schütten
Wolfgang SoppeWolfgang Steinmann
Wolfgang StoeßerWolfgang Thums
Wolfgang UrachWolfgang van Heesen
Wolfgang VölzkeWolfgang Wallner-F.
Wolfgang WaltherWolfgang Weniger
Wolfhart WillimczikWolfram Alster
Wolle GrundmannWright Salisbury
Wulf E. BleyWulf Thielhorn

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