Short Stories and Novels Remembrance (english)

Title Author:
“A SECRET PICNIC“Jeremiah Ambrose
A Fall of SnowWilliam Vaudrain
AALIYAHJens Marquard
AfterlifeBill Piccolo
Die Ärzte - Schrei nach Liebe (The physicians - Scream afterAnnkatrin Rothe
EmergenceJoseph Trance
Health Care 2010Joseph Trance
It was the summerKim Kämpfer
Just a point at the horizonSonja Nic Rafferty
Match Made In HellDorsey Baker
Me, A VesselJoseph Trance
My stepfatherKazeronnie Mak
Pandora's MirrorAmir Rizk
PopJohn Jerdon
Pushing ItWilliam Vaudrain
RepriseBill Piccolo
Screams of GuiltMohita Aggarwal
Shadow of DarknessAlexis Noria Vazquez
TaniaSarah Prendergast
The KissDaniela Rabenstein
The Price for an inner ChangeHeinrich von Buenau
Unlimited MilesWilliam Vaudrain
Vengence Of The She-SerpantRufus Murry Jr
Woodstock In My HeartIris Asamoah