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Birthdays (17)Childhood (34)
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Experimental (799)Fantasy (206)
Friendship (85)General (1159)
Growing Up (82)Humour (393)
Life (745)Loneliness (213)
Love & Romance (1411)Lovegrief (281)
Lyrics (319)Marriage and Relationships (121)
Mother´s Day (15)Philosophical (500)
Politics & Society (633)Psychological (206)
Remembrance (149)Satire (74)
Sorrow (223)Thoughts (309)
Travel Stories / My Home Country (31)Valentine´s Day (5)
War & Peace (111)

New Poems:

Title:Category:Author:Online since:Comments:
A tough autumn blues (Good day for a dark sun)ThoughtsBernhard Pappe10/18/2018
Lamentablemente... (Polipoesía)ExperimentalJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez10/18/2018
Politoscope plurivalentPolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert10/17/2018
Desconsuelo SorrowJosé Luis Remualdi10/14/2018
Plus d'hôpitaux, à bas les aérosPolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert10/12/2018
Pálpiti e pálpitiLyricsAntonio Justel Rodriguez10/11/2018
SolitudineThoughtsKarl Wiener10/09/2018
HEMOPTISIS... (Postvanguardia)ExperimentalJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez10/08/2018
AviditàGeneralKarl Wiener10/07/2018
L'anarchie en quelques exemplesPolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert10/07/2018
Estruendosa... (((Ciberpoesía)))ExperimentalJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez10/07/2018
Fiducia in sèThoughtsKarl Wiener10/06/2018
PensierosoThoughtsKarl Wiener10/05/2018
Business de l´inhumanitairePolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert10/03/2018
Paraphysique de l'irrémissible amnésiePolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert10/01/2018
The kissLyricsJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez09/29/2018
Lobreguez... (Ciberpoesía)ExperimentalJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez09/29/2018
Umbrella WonderThoughtsBernhard Pappe09/28/2018
TRUE THATLove & RomanceRichard Rodriguez09/27/2018
Era la hora...ExperimentalJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez09/25/2018
Refugee Poetry AustriaPolitics & SocietyBrigitte Waldner09/24/2018
Red skies dancingWar & PeacePatrick Rabe09/22/2018
TranslatorLifeMartín Renán Tirado Alvarez09/22/2018
Muselières syndicales, muselières patronalesPolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert09/21/2018
DedicationLifeMartín Renán Tirado Alvarez09/21/2018

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