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Birthdays (17)Childhood (34)
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Emotions (870)Everyday Life (124)
Experimental (816)Fantasy (206)
Friendship (83)General (1187)
Growing Up (82)Humour (404)
Life (750)Loneliness (212)
Love & Romance (1418)Lovegrief (281)
Lyrics (327)Marriage and Relationships (122)
Mother´s Day (16)Philosophical (504)
Politics & Society (687)Psychological (209)
Remembrance (150)Satire (75)
Sorrow (225)Thoughts (322)
Travel Stories / My Home Country (32)Valentine´s Day (5)
War & Peace (112)

New Poems:

Title:Category:Author:Online since:Comments:
Unexplained ContradictionsThoughtsMaddiie Vali08/22/2019
L'abito non fa il poeta.ThoughtsGabriele Zarotti08/18/2019
De la sexualité asexualiséePolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert08/18/2019
Ma mère est morteLifePatrice Faubert08/17/2019
CONSEJO AL ORTEJO ExperimentalJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez08/16/2019
Words.GeneralElisab Beatriz Valero08/15/2019
epigonicHumourInge Hoppe-Grabinger08/13/2019
Gira il disco gira.RemembranceGabriele Zarotti08/12/2019
charonPsychologicalSimone Goertz08/12/2019
RaccòntatiEmotionsGabriele Zarotti08/11/2019
a hole in his soulHumourInge Hoppe-Grabinger08/09/2019
TURBULENCIA PRIMORDIAL... (Experimental)ExperimentalJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez08/08/2019
Disperso in questo mare di mezza estateEmotionsGabriele Zarotti08/04/2019
E’ SUGGESTIVA SINESTESIA DI TELove & RomanceMauro Montacchiesi08/04/2019
Les métiers du capitalPolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert08/03/2019
FARE THEE WELLLove & RomanceMauro Montacchiesi08/02/2019
[Dog]EmotionsPeter Kröger08/01/2019
Paraphysique de la faculté d'oubliPolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert08/01/2019
sono stato Peter PanLove & RomanceMauro Montacchiesi07/31/2019
StarsPhilosophicalSimone Goertz07/29/2019
lost am ISorrowNorman Möschter07/28/2019
Poesía y músicaGeneralAntonio Justel Rodriguez07/27/2019
You and I LovegriefPeter Kröger07/27/2019
Qué soy yo?PsychologicalFred Schmidt07/26/2019
Te quieroEmotionsFred Schmidt07/20/2019

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