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Short Stories and Novels

Here you may search for short stories, poems and authors on e-Stories.org or on the web:



Childhood (38)Crime (82)
Drugs and Addiction (22)Everyday Life (110)
Experimental (136)Fairy Tales (341)
Fantasy (255)Friendship (18)
General (578)Growing Up (61)
Historical (56)Horror (124)
Humour (250)Life (345)
Love & Romance (258)Lyrics (2)
Mystery (106)Philosophical (84)
Politics & Society (81)Psychological (46)
Remembrance (96)Satire (43)
Science-Fiction (166)Serial (57)
Sorrow (88)Thoughts (116)
Travel Stories / My Home Country (31)War & Peace (36)

New Short Stories and Novels:

Title:Category:Author:Online since:Comments:
Balcón de Buenos AiresLifeKaren Abril Cáceres01/18/2018
EL ALUMNO FASTIDIOSOGrowing UpManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández01/17/2018
Danny Glover e as raspadinhasGeneralFlavio Cruz01/16/2018
Joe,ella y yoFairy TalesEmilce Muriel Gandó01/16/2018
Um casamento como nenhum outroLove & RomanceFlavio Cruz01/13/2018
Meet and greet thy neighbours – even if you can´t love themTravel Stories / My Home CountryRachel Thornton01/11/2018
Real LifeThoughtsFlorian Andrianaivo01/11/2018
#MeTooPolitics & SocietyRobert Zabek01/11/2018
bad luck is an expertPsychologicalRobert Zabek01/06/2018
Um pastor chamado MateusLifeFlavio Cruz01/03/2018
Tre passi avanti e crolla il mondo Bit.Politics & SocietyGabriele Zarotti01/01/2018
La fabbrica delle parole inutili.Politics & SocietyGabriele Zarotti12/31/2017
ESO POR SABERCrimeLuis Ignacio Muñoz12/29/2017
L'insostenibile leggerezza del dire.LifeGabriele Zarotti12/26/2017
TRES TRISTES ROSTROSCrimeAhmed Oubali12/24/2017
Dal MediterraneoGeneralMauro Montacchiesi12/21/2017
A parede de vidroGeneralFlavio Cruz12/21/2017
O voo finalFantasyFlavio Cruz12/17/2017
A Critical Interpretation of Symbolism in the Light [...]GeneralSonali Roy12/15/2017
Olor a ébanoHorrorRaquel Castilla12/09/2017
La ignorancia también es una enfermedadLifeEmilce Muriel Gandó12/08/2017
Primavera lisboetaLove & RomanceRaquel Castilla12/06/2017
A Maria se foiLove & RomanceFlavio Cruz11/22/2017
Estar no es ver...FantasySergio Lubel11/19/2017
PRIMER ENCUENTROLifeEmilce Muriel Gandó11/16/2017

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