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Short Stories and Novels

Here you may search for short stories, poems and authors on e-Stories.org or on the web:



Childhood (35)Crime (86)
Drugs and Addiction (22)Everyday Life (111)
Experimental (136)Fairy Tales (354)
Fantasy (262)Friendship (18)
General (602)Growing Up (59)
Historical (56)Horror (125)
Humour (251)Life (346)
Love & Romance (261)Lyrics (2)
Mystery (107)Philosophical (86)
Politics & Society (87)Psychological (47)
Remembrance (104)Satire (46)
Science-Fiction (168)Serial (59)
Sorrow (90)Thoughts (119)
Travel Stories / My Home Country (45)War & Peace (36)

New Short Stories and Novels:

Title:Category:Author:Online since:Comments:
EL BANCOFairy TalesÁlvaro Luengo04/17/2019
Com o tempo aprendiLifeFlavio Cruz04/15/2019
Ma hautaine, sors, va, reviens et prends conscienceGeneralLinda Lucia Ngatchou03/15/2019
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L’HISTOIRE D’UNE PASSION - ArchesTravel Stories / My Home CountryAnna-Helena Kummerli03/09/2019
Amour fourbeGeneralLinda Lucia Ngatchou03/06/2019
Gobelin State ParkTravel Stories / My Home CountryAnna-Helena Kummerli03/02/2019
MI GATO PTOLOMEO (“TODO LO MEO“)GeneralManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández02/28/2019
O reloginho está marcando três horasGeneralFlavio Cruz02/25/2019
NO ABRAS ESA CAJA.CrimeAhmed Oubali02/17/2019
Recuerdos Love & RomanceLupita Mueller02/17/2019
Femicidio y otros Delidios...SatireSergio Lubel02/13/2019
StarflowerLifeJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez02/07/2019
Le morcellement d'unificationPolitics & SocietyPatrice Faubert02/03/2019
Justicia.Politics & SocietyElisab Beatriz Valero01/23/2019
L’HISTOIRE D’UNE PASSION / Capitol ReefTravel Stories / My Home CountryAnna-Helena Kummerli01/22/2019
Sensation hivernale en Afrique du NordTravel Stories / My Home CountryJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez01/18/2019
Eco...che?ThoughtsGabriele Zarotti01/03/2019
Jararacuzú!HumourMarc Dourojeanni12/13/2018
Historia de buhosSatireMarc Dourojeanni12/13/2018
Aventuras domésticas en BrasiliaLifeMarc Dourojeanni12/13/2018
El descuento perdido... (Anticuento dadaísta)FantasyJoel Fortunato Reyes Pérez12/10/2018
Histoire du Passion/Boulder/Bullfrog/Lake PowellTravel Stories / My Home CountryAnna-Helena Kummerli12/08/2018
Que mulher!HumourFlavio Cruz12/07/2018
Carolina W.ThoughtsSergio Lubel12/07/2018
Palavra de cronistaGeneralFlavio Cruz12/04/2018

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